“Learn Well Being Joyful, as you Witness Peace in Life”

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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Thoughts within me cease to exist,

Just As a chalkboard, in an empty class room, blank?

I see nothing, zero ideas, zero things come to mind?

Then from out of nowhere, a flood of thoughts…

Once empty, clear, chalkboards void of content are no more!

“It’s as if, the chalkboard fills to the brim with words, ideas, and thoughts…”

Yet if I don’t record what I see, what flows out…

Nothing; I will cease to see any longer,

Just as I respect it, it respects me!

Yet if I dare loathe what I see or if I’m filled with idleness;

What I have seen, will flee existence, escaping esteemed possibilities?

A voice cries to me; “don’t throw the words,” the gifts away as trash,

Valuable and never worthy it is, never, never for “even one of us to become rubbish!”

We begin and learn as we escape!  Taking up quill in hand, wisdom flows…

If only to have rested in adept space, in sheer gloss comfort, never ceasing aptness…

Awoken thoughts described by words blotted upon antique page, and lost time,

A Rapid flow vast, with beauty, depth, sights, branches; tributaries and beyond…

Then all in a whim, yet so true, concisely vast, and a treasure of massive enjoyment!

Body of length, depth, storms, imagination!  Which could never be more beautiful or enjoyable?

Thrive to live awe inspired adept life, if ever there is or was a specific time!

Shout “my friends” this is the time, however, whatever your best?

All live contently whatever our specific talents, even socializing and just living are, as we endure our finest selves

We must reach no goal or location, rather to trek on past our first set of aptitudes as we infinitely surpass always…

Break every now and again?   Moving through life, wade forward eyes ahead, wisely

Look, every time at our face, spirit, soul with “zero” hesitations, having released all regrets!

Oft times I’ve been looked upon in pity!  “But for what, I shout, as I walk straightforward…”

We would all truly love life, having infinitely, peaceful, and righteous times if we coexisted?

Sometimes what means the most and the best for us, is “Pure Untouched” glory…

If, if, and again if!  Who we are, or become is a person we love or even like immensely?

Then wow!   What a fine feat, while concise and so clean, with infinite gift Devine…

Looking back, at this books closing, smile only recalling the good, in all ways.

As we look at our books closing, this fine night, before we close to rest once more, being “truest” Peace!

Regret not, Do your finest work with fortitude, true ardor, of vastly forgiving, and loving nature…

Thus, when you’ve left this realm, no left over tasks undone and all you see is you at your best…

“Only” a life you will love, to unceasingly look back upon, realizing you’ve left your trusting gift of your truest intent!

This ladder to climb, you’ve left…   Quite a feat, a massive one never to be doubted, forsaken not!

-Rich Aaron Norris

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