Ye olde concrete wall comes to life

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“You only get stabbed in the back, if you aren’t looking”

“A good person is just that in spite of the way they choose to live their life!
Bad people are no less than infamous regardless of the mask they choose to hide


“Never Let ANY Good, at all fade, nor leave! If you have to look back, to look ahead with ardor, and tenacity then do it without question…”

-Peace, Rnobilitynotraein

“We become lost in ourselves if we ever doubt our selves at any point, life shall happen to us all sooner or later, but life is nipping at our heels right now…  Hope you enjoy, I truly put my all in this for the reader’s take!;-)

Quips, prose, Quotes and poetry, sayings:

Saturday, August 28, 2010

“Thoughts Cease”

Thoughts within me cease to exist,

Like a chalkboard, in an empty class room void?

I see nothing,  zero things come to “converse?”

Then  nowhere!  Floods of puzzles adept of my deepest “inklings…”

Once empty, void chalkboards are no more ceasing images!

At brim with words, quips, and thoughts filling “prose…”

To cease record what I see, what flows out,

Nothing; I will become blind in sight, to hang on if I must?

Just as I respect it, it respects me!

Yet if I dare loathe what I see or if I’m filled with malaise;

What I have seen?  Existence will cease itself, escaping esteemed possibilities?

A voice cries to me; “don’t throw the words, the gifts away as trash,

Valuable and never worthy, even one of us to become rubbish…”

We begin and learn as we escape!  Taking up quill in hand, wisdom flows…

If only to have rested in an adept space, in sheer gloss comfort never ceasing aptness…

Awoken thoughts described by words blotted upon antique, page, and lost time!

A Rapid flow vast, with beauty, depth, sights, branches; forks, tributaries, curves…

Then all in a whim, yet so true, concise it’s vast, and a treasure of massive enjoyment!

Body of length, depth, storms, imagination!  Which could never be more beautiful or enjoyable!

-Rich A. N.

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