All Are Good at Heart, Just Choose Best…

12/22/2010 12:08 PM

Ever since being young, I’ve struggled!  To be heard well, to voice things, and even suggest things I know are right and still doubted?  Also, after years of hardships, including depression (very severe) in past and still now it comes on; we all know life is a bastard at times huh?

What I can and will say is this: “it can get worse, even worse than you thought possible…  However, don’t limit yourself either, as life can take you to good places, new monuments, heights, accomplishments, dreams getting from better to better!”

Also, knowing:”watch your thoughts they become words, words to actions still and actions to character, then one’s character to their destiny or succession to never stop fighting for their best inside?  What do you wish for yourself,  destiny or to always climb without ceasing!” Quote inspired by: E.C.N. and what a good one…  I don’t think he is so consumed as too many are, about taking credit, which is my reason for his abbreviations.

Life should be full of these abbreviations, we should all most definitely be proud of our accomplishments; but, we need to be weary of not gloating, not talking so up and high and mighty…  We must be humble in our findings, even in things we must take credit for without choice, like me as a writer or at least my vast love for it.  I always like to say, not just I can do well in the written word process, yet we all can if we want, just as other fields if you will, in life!  Life isn’t about being weighed down, like an anchor, such as a sunken pirate ship far under the sea; life needs to be raised up!  How do we do this?  Easy, just strive to be better and better people man…  Life is excellent if we make it so or miserable on certain days, due to certain life stressors if we allow this to overtake us.

Another area that holds us back as humans/humankind, is fact: “a lot of the time we are selfish, and so selfish, when we should be reaching for the next souls hand to lift them up with us…  Life is about giving, not really getting to me, especially in light of Christmas, and New Year‘s coming fast here?”

Religion, gossip to follow it, rumors started becoming one’s worst nightmares!  To become something others put on you can’t be labeled you’re complete doing by you at all, and oft times, kids from broken homes, get treated with: “Well He’s Just a Kid, His Parent’s Have Scarred him/her?”  Does it ever end, we are always putting one another down, even as good friends, brothers and sisters, and as/so long as we do this, the world and people in it will not climb any ladders…  It’s as if we are all clawing our way up the ladder of life, succession, opportunities, marriage, kids whatever, while knocking every other soul back down flat on their backs to have to start over again…  We need to love or at least treat all around us with pure and decent intent, as we’ve all heard the “Cliché: Treat others how you’d want to be treated yourself” and it’s true…

Abandoning friends is a horrible thing, especially what it’s based off half the time?  The most simple of fights, separate us…  Should they?  No, no, no!  To be a true friend, no matter if your best friend becomes depressed, or suicidal we must always be there for them, and it always counts for something huge…

Sometimes, even if we wish not to partake in: “We must fight like a boxer would, only for life.”  “Defend ourselves if our livelihood is at stake friends!”  Also, to know when to relax, life can be a fight to the bitter and hopefully better end, I do believe in; no cancer, no fatal illnesses as I’ve gone through hell!  Almost dying in my past, to have no physical problems anymore once we pass on…  I’m not being religious, hell half the time I’m borderline agnostic, atheist, but it doesn’t mean I dis-believe in a higher power, I just have a hard time with faith to a degree I know with certainty, that something is true and real…

In closing, religion is not really important in my book, I mean definitely do what you feel is right for you, just don’t weigh another down due to your own beliefs; they may be just as twisted as you view the others actions.  It’s all about friends, making friends, reaching out, helping one another man, even strangers, women, men, and especially children.  If we do this perfectly then we would have no problems such as the main one: “Not Getting Along, or this or that sucks, I don’t like him or her, I don’t know why just don’t like whatever, I choose misery over happiness is really what you pin down to!”  Just remember always to treat all as you’d wish, flush gossip, hatred, poking fun which isn’t to others, and anger and you and I will shine no doubt!

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