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Untainted, and Pure...

From life experience, it used to be hard to be so altruistic, at least in light of who I used to be?

Many of us, can relate, especially as we age, we grow like weeds or flowers of our choosing!  Hope it’s not any darn weed huh (ha, ha)?  No really I believe all people who enter this vast planet we live on, that sustains us all no matter whom we are?  That we have that righteous soul, higher self, soul, spirit, light, God, God’s, Angels to lean on, or is it elsewhere?  Hope not friend’s, right!  Something good I hope/we all do?

One thing I do know, as we age, we may mature indeed, and there are those one in a million miracle souls out there who fade never in life and only grow into fine altruistic, decent neighbors!  It’s a proven fact, the despondent, the depressed, the poor economy has wreaked havoc upon us man!  What is my theory behind all this?  We eventually came about being depressed, not caring enough, despondent over the economy, but our thoughts and actions can manifest some of this; let us believe for a change all will play out beautifully!   No fun to be in a rut man, and we all deserve some times to ourselves…

Sometimes I feel we have these distractions which are so normal and stereotypical to us all, that we’ve lost out!  On what?  We’ve lost out on friends, gaining friends, acquaintances, even happiness as the economy has crashed also…  Despondent we’ve come to indeed?  How to fix?  Take time away, more time to do the simple things in life, like family times, nephews, nieces, uncles, aunts, parent’s, friends loved ones and so on (relatives also no doubt)!

What distractions right?  Look at our world!  Time is spent in reclusive ways more, not on purpose of course, just second nature as brushing one’s teeth, or showering clean?  Away from family on computers, devices, cell phones and if not careful to balance life’s complexities we will lose every time…  In some cases we work too much, hurting not only those we love and care for, yet ourselves as well though we would never want this and who would???

One thing I’ve always said is: “A good person is just that in spite of the way they choose to live their life!
Bad people are no less than infamous regardless of the mask they choose to hide behind…”

Don’t let life live and love you, live it and love it.  You are in control!  I always tell people in spite of my fatal illness, more lately and such, that I’m “fighting the fight the best I can,” though I never take credit until recently a tad (lol)?  I finally thought, “Rich,” “pessimism in any form must go, grab optimism and hang on.  Altruism is a great technique to get outside one’s self!   Yep, I finally thought complaining to myself or others about my illness, though even fatal?  Is not my best way to go, so lately even in light of worsening health, I stand firm to quit consuming with my jive if you will?  I as we all do, as it’s natural and innate in us, want to all be recalled, celebrated and remembered well…  It’s not hard; thoughts become manifestations, so it’s crucial to know what we want to peel away, to expose to the masses let alone loved ones?!?!

I’ll close this piece/peace now, but I’ll leave a quote here to chew on the fat:  “Never Let ANY Good, at all fade, nor leave! If you have to look back, to look ahead with ardor, and tenacity then do it without question…”

No hurry, how about tenacious aptitudes coming to life friends, believe in it and you’ll get there…  Get knocked down in life, get the hell back up and live it man, live the hell out of life and leave your best work behind, no matter what you do?  We all have importance, credence, belonging, loved ones, and those who love us…  To them we matter and mean the world, so let’s plug them with our best selves!  Do things you enjoy, whatever they may be or become your dreams better yet…

Much Peace, R.;-)

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