Month: January 2011

A Dedication to the Vast Views! I am Blessed by All…

-It’s all good and appreciated 24-7, 365!!!:-)

-R.A.N. “I never can, nor would I ever soley write for I, it just isn’t writing, to not be heard, gratefully understood when you are, comments, enduring compliments appreciated always, I only hope I can write for even one?

Uprising by Muse off of 2009 Album “The Resistance”

“Hell of a Tune Man!;-)  Band of great depth in massive courage, respect and true ENJOYMENT”  Riots in Egypt boiling over in Ongoing protests.  Peace Egypt

Egypt’s Epiphany and Worthy Souls

Is it just me or does, Egypt seem to be lowering an iron veil over it’s people?  As the protests rage on if even internet is stolen?  Over the stoic “Country’s” communistic iron weights serving only to weigh it’s people down like barbed wire wrapped around bodies, of needless suffering???  Far too long this Pharo

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Content Worthy of Traffic!?!?

Content Desperate Searched Seeked Discovered Purpose What Serve Anything Deserving Trash Thrashing About Moves Content Unworthy Garbage Eaten Swallowed Whole All Owe Credence Any Visit Why What Continue Despondence Poor Desperate Monetary Waste Piled High Filled Trash Trash Trash Visited Tried True Say Who Whom

Collections of Muses

“A Life Lived is a Life Earned!——” “Bravery in defeat is no less than heroic defeat taken well…” “To know How to Win, one MUST find loss, and to know Defeat or loss; is to become acquainted with winning!” “A collection of Ascension into Valleys, is met in ones decline from its peak, but without

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Cairo is Burning; Is Egyptian-Israeli Peace Next? (via InTheMoment)

I indeed with much vigor, and enveloped mind in this article my friend; wanted to Reblog it under my subscriptions! Excellent piece, hopefully “peace,” if only this world was filled with just a tad of peace; what a difference we’d see right all and, Niv? Hope to see you on my site, even a bit

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Service is a Vague Translation… Minds Make Us Complete! ;-)

One quote I’ve said in past, long back is: “Regardless of the Mask you Choose to Hide Behind Good is no less, yet Evil is no less than Bane” (lucky we are, most all of humanity has that innate and monumental soul inside to utilize in life)…

Pale Beauty

Life lives on…………—————-Never will my spirit die!

One Race

One color

Music Heals Me

I am free and it soothes my mind My melencholy dissipates it disintegrates Animosity gone to what do I owe this respect

The Vine

How to break away, live well?!?!

Cowards Never

Live life well, be brave in all you come across, be it life’s duties or whatever………..———–

Simple Quote

Live a Successful life! Much Peace, Rich

Just a Quote… Common sense we Forget Far too Often…

Don’t let vagueness overtake you friends………….————-;-)

Stand Up!

You make a difference always…

Enough! 2nd Class Citizens No More…

“we neglect the fact our lives are blessed, which should never be done!”

Always thinking in My head

I couldn’t count on how many writers, do this, likely all of us do???

Another Quote

“Either we slow our thoughts down

Daylights Proposition

I begin to slowly awake as the suns rays settle into my room.

Eyes heavy and alone through the black void of the night,