Friends Regardless

Believe it or not a new friend/contact from the United Kingdom, and a brother whom usually writes in a foreign language, who goes by the name, Sam sparked this idea or rather article!

To count one out or to view another as missing a limb, because they don’t believe all you do, or just missing a soul or brain, heart, or because simply they are different in nature than you, or perhaps you have unjustly counted them out is really sad and wrong…———–

Really people are always going to be different, yet what makes us people and thus great is the fact we get to choose, I mean I hope we choose, otherwise life chooses us and then what???  Well shit, then we aren’t in control and to not be in control is like  being “up the river as they say, without a friggin’ paddle right?”  So to be in control, in control of where we go in life, what the hell we do is a huge matter and should always mean the most indeed right?

I know what this article was and is really about, which is friendship man!  To have friends in life, not only in this life but one would hope at least, even if felt on a whim at times on what others say: “the other side?”  I’d like to believe and do I feel that our loved ones go on to a bigger and much more serene and better place indeed, which is a bit of a comfort for sure…  To know, to feel that those who struggle through life, through oft-times what can seem a bit of a crap shoot if you will, always it is nice, nice to know; that in the end perhaps we can friggin’ win?  Indeed a good thing and too often life is too often just lived, and I feel things are there and appreciated, yet it does matter to let all know once a blue moon.  Let others know we care or give a darn, which I think obviously does happen, in our own unique ways which is no doubt a good thing/things!

I know that oft-times we wonder what has become of those friends we may have left behind or vice versa?  One thing I’ve learned in life is that far too often we beat the hell out of one another, or judge another in spite of other things we would otherwise have done, so why don’t we right???

One thing that comes to mind is within religion, isn’t what one learns important to not only believe or carry around in their skulls, but also to live and help others…  To be friends, not just phony or just, hey “believe this or that, because it’s what I believe, and if you don’t then damn you.”  What are we to become if we are this type of friend, even if we believe in “whatever it is?”  To basically cut ties with a friend, or someone we’ve known all our lives or most, for sake of religion is ludicrous, crazy, and as so many would say in Christianity, “Un-Christ like…————————-”  Chew on that right (some I suppose)?  Most importantly in religion, what is most important and should be followed after is friendship no matter religion A to Z really, too…  Vastly important it is not to judge, to gossip, hate, or harbor anger, or any bane/baneful inept, and nasty emotions towards any, or others!  To think I don’t like that person, just because I don’t like them or don’t agree with their take on life???  This Makes me wonder if things do occur in end, “what may happen to those who partake in life as such or judge at all as they are taught to not do this whatsoever and to not give up or in on you or anyone…  To do what work only they were taught one man did, in relation to perfection, then go about and throughout life attempting to undermine this and forget it’s importance, especially in how they treat others is such as a fiend of very wise character would do…

Friends never quit, they are always your friend(s)!  No matter whom you have become, doesn’t mean you won’t become better, and just because one appears to be very stoic in what they believe and worthy, doesn’t always mean they are to be as they put out there?  All this means even further, which supports my message and all of our messages as similar in certain other ways, is that friendship is very respectfully about support…

Without support, belief, away with emotions of baneful nature, judgement to be lost as it’s no mans ground, or grounds and would not wish on a soul!  We should be a friend to all, but sadly in this life this will never occur, which makes sense, however those we do get to know or do know, should abide by the above, but in end: “If our so-called friend(s), those who would say they are friends, if they decide we are not good enough as their friends or for their path, then they’ve not been a real friend, as a real friend never leaves ones side and as a friend of mine says and is very true: “life isn’t fair I only know one type of fair, Life Takes Bus Fair/Fare!” (Honestly Latter We Know)

This article is devoted to the true and real friend and friends whom do exist, whom are real and make life worth every bit of damn effort…;-)

Peace, R

One comment on “Friends Regardless

  1. Hanna
    April 10, 2011 at 3:51 pm #

    Reading this reminds me of this verse:
    “And among His signs is the creation of the heavens and the earth, and the variations in your languages and your colors; verily in that are signs for those who know.” (30: 22)

    “O mankind! We created you from a single (pair) of a male and a female, and made you into nations and tribes, that you may know each other…” (49: 13)

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