Service is a Vague Translation… Minds Make Us Complete! ;-)

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Stoic some are, sadly if without qualities unique to a beautiful life worth living…

I’m a firm believer in “Altruism/Selflessness” yet so many shut down here. Everywhere you look in life, good, in-betweeners, or fence sitters (crass terms really, I view most as wanting no trouble, or neutral), and sadly some evil. One quote I’ve said in past, long back is: “Regardless of the Mask you Choose to Hide Behind Good is no less, yet Evil is no less than Bane” (lucky we are, most all of humanity has that innate and monumental soul inside to utilize in life)…

It would be a hell of a world if there were no wars, fights of evil circumstance(s), over nothing, needless suffering, not caring for others; as someone who’s fought hell off in my own ways as we all have at times, I firmly believe in altruism or selflessness if you wish? After all if we could get along well, imagine what a difference in light and vast void of darkness gone among all!

I’ve lived with many trials, yet never put myself above another’s suffering; would trade with many at the drop of a needle into a haystack! I think many feel this, where it all means something is, how we utilize this info!?!?

I feel all of us in this giant maze of a world, can and do relate in vast ways; if only we could share more, and by doing so, we share, share and again, share our admired voice(s) by others. We all have the capability to uplift another??? They interpret this as service and nobody can dog you for serving anyone or any worthy cause… “I dedicate this rough quickly pubd. peace if you will or piece to the many friends I have who love and serve me without question! Anyone can fit the profile here, and most do, I know many encourage I and I dedicate again (sorry for the repetition); not just to the simple few, but all who enlighten me for the best!

Strange it may seem, or sound but to be stricken ill at a prime age, in my best shape has been strange “AGAIN,” and vastly hard. I , “Used” to be in “massively yet humble” shape physically, and it kept me up and was my religion/outlet if you like? When diagnosed with highly fatal auto immune disease, high blood pressure in early twenties, and a slew of other stuff(excuse me), hospitalizations, procedures/operations/and enough already; atrophy killing my job as a personal trainer which has always been hard… We all want to go back and have do overs or not get sick or you name it right? Strangely, I feel my disease has made me a better person, more caring and definitively altruistic and a big believer in treating all well, even the rude ones. “Don’t take it, but don’t dish it back out…——;-)”

If any touch me in a light I see brightly, I don’t dim it and sure as heck don’t turn it off! Props to all the great doc’s and medical staff, I don’t know what I’d do without it/them all and my loved ones no doubt! Dreams never die, sometimes they just get set on the back burner for a spell, but beauty we can all cook up in our own ways of vast, vast voices/minds! Blessings, Bliss n’ Peace Indeed Friends, R.;-)

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