Day: January 29, 2011

Content Worthy of Traffic!?!?

Content Desperate Searched Seeked Discovered Purpose What Serve Anything Deserving Trash Thrashing About Moves Content Unworthy Garbage Eaten Swallowed Whole All Owe Credence Any Visit Why What Continue Despondence Poor Desperate Monetary Waste Piled High Filled Trash Trash Trash Visited Tried True Say Who Whom

Collections of Muses

“A Life Lived is a Life Earned!——” “Bravery in defeat is no less than heroic defeat taken well…” “To know How to Win, one MUST find loss, and to know Defeat or loss; is to become acquainted with winning!” “A collection of Ascension into Valleys, is met in ones decline from its peak, but without

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Cairo is Burning; Is Egyptian-Israeli Peace Next? (via InTheMoment)

I indeed with much vigor, and enveloped mind in this article my friend; wanted to Reblog it under my subscriptions! Excellent piece, hopefully “peace,” if only this world was filled with just a tad of peace; what a difference we’d see right all and, Niv? Hope to see you on my site, even a bit

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