Cairo is Burning; Is Egyptian-Israeli Peace Next? (via InTheMoment)

I indeed with much vigor, and enveloped mind in this article my friend; wanted to Reblog it under my subscriptions! Excellent piece, hopefully “peace,” if only this world was filled with just a tad of peace; what a difference we’d see right all and, Niv? Hope to see you on my site, even a bit of critiquing or suggestions as to my best writers voice would be much appreciated, mein freunden! Sorry for my crass Deutsch, the fact is I am English speaking no doubt, but do love the German countryside and culture now at present day.

Anyhow, this isn’t about me, my friend, it’s about you! This is an excellent article and why I’m a subscriber to this site of yours, also, heard of much of this baneful news /and sadly this all is pure baneful turmoil and nobody is aware???

Thanks Friend,

Cairo is Burning; Is Egyptian-Israeli Peace Next? By Niv Elis As the world watches the unprecedented protests in Cairo unfold live on Al Jazeera, America and Israel face an intractable dilemma over who to support.  To  lovers of democracy and human rights, the Egyptian people’s uprising is a phenomenon to be encouraged; the Egyptian regime is a police state (though milder than, say, Iran or Saudi Arabia), which for nearly 60 years has held an iron grip on the country’s political institutions, li … Read More

via InTheMoment

One comment on “Cairo is Burning; Is Egyptian-Israeli Peace Next? (via InTheMoment)

  1. RNobilityNotraEin
    January 29, 2011 at 4:52 am #

    Again to make all aware, this is a repost of another blogger’s article and property. Just know what’s going on here, is I’m throwing out props. major to Author of this article post above my comment, written in entirety by, -Niv Elis

    Definitively visit his site, he is a wonderful writer and has great (a great) writer’s voice and unique style of written word…

    Peace Niv,
    Rich @ http://Www.Rnobilitynotraein.

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