Egypt’s Epiphany and Worthy Souls

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Is it just me or does, Egypt seem to be lowering an iron veil over it’s people?  As the protests rage on if even internet is stolen?  Over the stoic “Country’s” communistic iron weights serving only to weigh it’s people down like barbed wire wrapped around bodies, of needless suffering???  Far too long this Pharo has ruled.  Assassination of his character over the Internet, already here and known of!!!  Some have sacrificed life and limb, for their beliefs and views current now and raging on.   The now “Baneful Ruling Governor in this land (filled with greed, who’s not Ascended enough)!”  Is it “King Tut’s Crown” he wishes he could reign?  Yet, with his terror over the land, unlike the once “Kind, young Pharo, “TUT who was bashed in the skull til’ death to be honored and adored in the largest of tombs, not unlike what the current Governing Body may desire in a sense?!?!

Search engines, internet shutdowns Countrywide all over the Vast continent of, Egypt… The Pyramids and the Community of, Pharo’s are chomping at the bit, within vast ghost land’s, all over the “VAST” CURTAIN, one Egypt has cast.

Many serve to overthrow, their Country’s “Government” thriving in their veil of Secrecy now, to no avail though…  Yet, what a Country cannot silence; is the voice of the people, regardless of “Search Engines, Internet Providers, and Email ceasing to exist!  In light of protest of  “Government, Egypt’s ruler damn well wishes to Silence Fast!”

If a people in a land of vast history, of Egypt’s “VAST Leaders come and gone; now ruling again with Iron Fists lifted high at present; are ruling yet again.  With, Baneful Stoicism, instilling fear as cowards to control it’s Society!” Again, I fear the people, in light of all happenings from then til now, will conquer and vaporize this veil of iron “Socialism/Communism” if you like…

Egypt’s “Government,” cannot control this uprising, of it’s vast protest against it;  it’s gathered army of protestors gathered together will win in time, sooner or later!  Definitively making a strong case and statement in their views, and wills…  If even “Foreign” their leader sees them, even evil upon his gaze at them all wishing him gone?

For when a people become a mist, to suffocate the land with their upheaval in protest, and disagreement!  They must eventually, conquer and win their desired outcome?  Whether their “Government” boards their ship or not?

Either way, whatever becomes in the vast and mightily cemented history, being no less than, Egypt’s people, the real rulers!  Fascinating to see, what becomes of this Mass Uprising?

“Must, Egypt’s people fight for the Governing Body They so Desire?”  Must innocent folks die, for their beliefs?  Can’t it’s Vast land and continent, not desire and become this change they wish to become???  A bully is just that regardless, and always conquered in defeat in time past!

“Peace be with the innocent dwellers in the great and finely, stoic land of the once “Vast, Pharo’s…”  Of now today’s fine “Citizens of today’s tenacious Egyptology they own, not One…”

-Rich A. N.

3 comments on “Egypt’s Epiphany and Worthy Souls

  1. kolembo
    January 30, 2011 at 8:02 am #

    Egypt is in trouble though. We know Mubarak and this will not end well. Must send all kinds of energy, they need it.

    • RNobilityNotraEin
      January 30, 2011 at 8:17 am #

      Props my friend, I agree with you whole heartedly friend!;-)

    • RNobilityNotraEin
      January 31, 2011 at 12:40 am #

      Bold, true, and so right in your not only comment my friend, but words…;-) Peace, Egyptians All!

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