Month: February 2011

Banter Myself

“Told me to get the boat! Put into the vast ocean… Said row hard, fast and swiftly. Not to stop!”

Bitter Sweet Decay of Bane

“Nothing fun in becoming, unprofitable, down the trodden path?”

“Food is only great if you can become full!”

Cliche’ Perhaps?


Circadian Awakening a Quote

“Wake Not”

Don’t Hide…

“Hide and Seek is Dangerous…”

Support Undying!

“They Never Know their Credibility!”

Judge Not

“Judge nobody!”

Cease Problems

“Problems cease not without chase, and precision”


“Cease running from your problems, as they will never go away and just may rot you to the core; never cease chase after them and attack with precision!”

Smear Attempt!

always remain true to ourselves, craft, great natures be they vast, many and always to be counted……………————-Constructive or even deconstructive and at times not knowing the words or proclamations they profess! Strength still resides and strives to improve infinitely true, without waiver, discouragement or stoic, yet brave revere always!

“To be knifed in the back!  Not only painful, yet it can pin one to the wall?  Wisely, with ardor, take it and pull it out, bury it and grow flowers with it always!”

To Embark Bravely!

“To embark on this or any path is bravery!  Yet to listen to any who blurts, their disapproval, be it often hatred, jealousy, or “anger,”  lying in wait to catch you at your worst…  As they blurt their disapproval towards a back, the cowards they are, not noticing ones talents where they are, their work

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True Leader

“A true leader is not only a good friend, not only you believe?”

Vast Darkness

“So to is the way we choose to look at others, the impact, whether positive or negative of which we have on others and especially, even those we may first view as strangers in our passing’s by and no doubt, friends, but of course loved ones always, always friends!”


“To see a vision, is to become that vision, to utilize what power comes from it, whether it be in writing, teaching, working and on and on…  We all visualize, it’s what we do with it that counts, right?” ~R.A.N. Related Articles A clearer picture of vision ( Reduce pain with a ‘visual trick’ (

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No Respect!

To lead instilling fear or dictatorship if you wish???


“Possibilities would become realities and” Appreciate my Supporters/subscribers… Much Love, and Blessings to All!

Voice Found

“One can’t help, but to give support when it’s been given!”