It’s Peaceful Words

Sudek inspiration

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Eyes closed, resting, recharging!  It’s my time, time slowed, it’s quiet, peaceful, yet my mind is filled to brim, in tip top shape it feels.  A recorder at my side, whether resting, or if only meditation or prayer be my inspiration?  Words, ideas are indeed strange, always coming from all angles, directions, from inspirations all about, all around us???  Once what was a thought, a picture, a view, even a foolish rant delivered by that of a fool or thought to be, now it be glanced over in written word; in print its elegance is left for it’s plethora of viewers now…  What was once a dream, a vision, idea, activity, hobby, inspiration, ethic(s), karma, emotion, read over and pondered; thus, it is now pondered over by the soul, the statue in spirit viewing it in print?  Writing, and reading and all inspiration for it, is excellent and a thing to be appreciated always…………—————-

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One comment on “It’s Peaceful Words

  1. Oldcodger
    February 4, 2011 at 4:12 am #

    Wonderful, I get it!

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