Smear Attempt!

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Marked in blood, they drip as wounds, for the foe they follow.  For the foe they have become, is no less than a cowards abberance even in their sickening denial………….———–To what, to whom do I owe one ounce credibility to this fiendish mixed flak?  As I ponder, scrape, scrounge, beating my head, my souls pulchritudinous “SELF!”  Wow do I ever question, as I begin to theologize in most baneful respect!  For only a plagued soul of condemned nature would ever, even begin to bethink with such sickening lack for respect. Upon another’s deep and heartfelt tribulations of critical inventive “musing of thick, thickening natures!”

Only would such that of a “Fiendly,” foolish foe, becoming only that of a fool!  Bathing in their own disgust and stench become so consumed as such; especially by that of one, who “be they gifted, within great facets, fields or such things they do touch the sky with, not wishful thinking, yet true and truthful efforts…  Never must any, any vast body of true spirit who be, become tried and true, especially efforts given to “Gods, ever be questioned by that of a fools notion.”  To be held against ones legacies, of which they venture, is a fools legacy of which they impart upon thee, upon us, upon many; duly at ones travels is only notions of that of a brave, soul filled to spilling over with ardor and true spirit!

For a brave soul, on such that of a “Staunch” path is no less!  Yet……………————–

A coward is no soul, only a fiend with lack of soul, lack of ardor or spirit; as they launch knife upon knife, after knife!  At that of such able-bodied, and giving of souls.  A truly altruistic, kind-hearted nature always…

To whom, what or why and really how is it a fool, such being that of a coward; where, or whence and by what travels do they embark upon, if any at all?  Notably or rather, most noted no embargo, no paths of worth or ever to be, never, ever to be or become noted as any path to be revered whatsoever.  A fools path they took, a stooge as they tripped and fell to the ground!  Never given a lift back up to damage ardor most notable, never must they be given a fools lifted chance again.  For only a fool would lift another fool back to his feet, and even the fool loses this debilitating entrapment; for the fool and coward he lifts, will only serve a knife into his back just the same!  For a coward who rewards, as he laughs upon failure will never change, and cancer of a slow agonizing death is kinder in nature always!

Two faced they have been, to only stay as such!  Trust in a foolish coward, is only wise if you are a vast coward and without ardor, skill or worth, in spirit or soul and character???

Characters of such degrade, such bane, must serve a purpose towards us who try; us whom fight for our beliefs, our ardor and tenacity we would expect to be at least respected…  Oh Yeah!——-

We must use the fools knives, the cowards disregard for all anyone attempts, those whom stick us without a care in the world; which, yes we always feel, and hurt but we always heal!  We must take their foolish, cowardice knife by force of handle, pull it out from our backs, and if at all applicable, must we also always help a friend in a situation as ours.

To always, afterwards, hence, become better, and yes!  Even more trusting, yet, cautious here to fore, recalling the way a coward and fool utilizes ones unjust methods; yet, always stay true to ourselves, craft, great natures be they vast, many and always to be counted……………————-Constructive or even unconstructive and at times not knowing the words or proclamations they profess!  Strength still resides and strives to improve infinitely true, without waiver, discouragement or stoic, yet brave revere always!

Sincere Best,


2 comments on “Smear Attempt!

  1. kolembo
    February 18, 2011 at 10:22 am #

    Dense! I had to sit back, breath and read. Worth it. At the end the feeling is thoughtful, strengthened.

    • RNobilityNotraEin
      February 21, 2011 at 6:00 am #

      Kolembo, you don’t credit yourself enough bud! Your poetry is kick ass friend!

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