Bitter Sweet Decay of Bane


If thee thinketh I beseech dilapidation of soul, spirit, or wound?  No I say!

Complexities, we just can’t afford to banter about?!?!?

Nothing fun in becoming, unprofitable, down the trodden path?

Overworked in age, misfires and knottiness in older age!

Memories and dreams vast, unforgotten and lived repetitious.

Life is an animal!  Intently cruel and tenacious fire, destroys innocence?

Allowed to do this; one, serves up dire destruction…

Altruism, love, to give a hells chance is what one care’s for……..——

Seeming a “GHOST” now, relics are past, and gone!

Hanging on to the sentimental bullshit, but it’s all worth it; regrets not!

No point in life to be coy souls and agree all, abiotic prisoner, contemplated not!

Can’t help, but miss it all; way back it now seems…——-

So long a friend, companion is near, nothing else matters!

It fades as void; in the vast full black moon above.

Lightning bugs to catch, then release back to nature?

Retrieval of bliss, good times, reprisal of misfortunes at times…

A clear and empty classroom again…….——–

Cleared chalk board, to see feats yet once more; life if only lived again?

Regrets, misfortune, misfortunes, mistakes we could change!

For I’d be young again, in a heartbeat friends…

~Rich A. N.

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