Month: March 2011

“Beyond Manifesting, Beyond Comprehension”

“Beyond Manifesting, Beyond Comprehension”.

“Beyond Manifesting, Beyond Comprehension”

“The Tension in Here is so Thick, I could Cut it With a Knife,” it is suffocation, detrimental despondency; completely the banes in life. Would it not be lovely, inspiring, or even freedom for one, “hell; all of us” to not ever need deal with this shit at all? The garbage, fights on occasion, even disagreements across the board, throughout life’s facets just gone; need we ever deal with trash again and again…



“Don’t” Look Back… LOOK.;-)


Once Outside Myself

Every new beginning comes from some other begi...
Image by legends2k via Flickr

It once occurred to myself;

Enter only to exit…

Recall the exit!

A mirror of one’s entrance?

Don’t stare too long!

Privy enough to Account…

See inside the spirit,

Many others,

Seeing they as yourself;

Wanting true Altruism for all…

Important to see yourself in this picture.

Hero’s exist to form future…

Noble’s are formed of they!

See thyself as direction…

Altering life…———

All living for God‘s…

Meditation higher purpose self;

Buddha to smiles…

~R. A. Noble

A Tribute! Ardor, Never Quit…

M. Barrera


Never Quit!

Richard Hatton (also called Ricky Hatton) trai...

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Tribute to a true hero, a fighter to the bitter damn end…  Can’t help but respect guts, never backing down from life’s fights…  Dedicated to “Ricky the Hitman Hatton!”

To this day, nobody has come as close to kicking Mayweather’s ass!  To this day, I pray someone hands his ass to him (Mayweather), the guy is too cocky…

Tenacious \”Ricky Hitman Hatton\”

Inspiring Book…———-;-)

Choosing Civility by P.M. Forni True Inspiration

Frieden, Bitte!;-) 😉

Crazy Notion!

To change another, is a crazy notion…  The Dalai Lama once said: “If you desire to change another’s path/life, change yourself first.”  What his lesson taught and teaches one, is that as human beings, when we see change!  Especially that of someone we care for, it generally alters our life for the better…  Especially when

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It’s Been a While

“Sometimes it feels or seems—-
Life is living us all,
Should never be that way!”

Growing Up Asian (via FRESH is BACK)

I happened to be looking at different blogs tonight, found this one and glad I did; check it out friends…;-) “Do you… speeaaaak… English?” – Pizza Hut waitress, 1990 It was in kindergarten when I first learned I was Asian.  Sure, there had always been signs–I was nearsighted, loved rice, and caused an unfortunate tricycle

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Mental Vitamins

“Mental Edge is grasped through oft times…——“

Being Dumb

“Don’t fail, do not become one or two, listen to your soul, and pay heed to the warnings you see along the way…————“


SUBMISSIONS. A great site: Jiveny Great Material…;-) 😉 Namaste

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