Crazy Notion!

To change another, is a crazy notion…  The Dalai Lama once said: “If you desire to change another’s path/life, change yourself first.”  What his lesson taught and teaches one, is that as human beings, when we see change!  Especially that of someone we care for, it generally alters our life for the better…  Especially when we see those we care deeply for, change for what we deem as their best, becoming their best.  See…..———Then we wish to follow suit for all of the right reasons………..——–

~R. A. Noble

One comment on “Crazy Notion!

  1. Hanna
    March 20, 2011 at 3:11 pm #

    There was this good story I read a long time ago.

    Once there was a mother and child that came to Abu Nawas (who was someone considered a wise man of the area). The mother asked Abu Nawas to help her with her son’s bad habit.

    The little boy like to eat sweet stuff so much that it has become a problem for the mother. So, the mother asked Abu Nawas for a solution.

    Abu Nawas listened and asked both to come back the next month.

    The next month the mother and her boy came to Abu Nawas. Abu Nawas talked to the boy for a while and the problem was more less done.
    The mother thanked Abu Nawas very much but she wondered why Abu Nawas needed a month before helping her with her son’s bad habit?

    You know what Abu Nawas said?
    Turns out Abu Nawas also had a bad habit of eating sweet stuff! So, he told them to come back in a month to give himself time to settle the bad habit in himself and find a solution for it before giving any advice to the little boy.

    Good night for me and have a great day for you! 🙂

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