Month: April 2011

Thanks a Ton!

I pray this is the right place to do so; but wanted to say thanks for everyone’s support! I write to hopefully inspire and leave one in a great place? Thanks to all on WordPress, friends, WP advice and all… My Best: R.A. Noble


“A man should not be measured by effort in all, what really counts is what effort is on the inside.  Do you really care, or act the part?”

I’m certain it’s been said in some way, maybe as such?  It’s a quote I was feeling at the time…——–

Peace All,

R.A. noble

A Glimpse Unnerving, Undeserved

“A Glimpse Unnerving Undeserved (Title)”

Johnnie Walker

“Escape to blissful relaxation, if only a moment?
Taste, taste on palate, on critics mine!
My palate approves as such my audience within I…——“

To Leave Trash…

In a society where we have polls and, favorite making, word spread, hell I’m going to, just think fame would suck, to just be known enough as a friend in need is me? I’ve found many good friends one who comments on me a lot; just wanted to say Bless Your Friend! and all my great buddies…————————I aim now to make it less on my success and more on my fellow blog and your Belief in me! Much Peace Rich A Noble Thanks A Ton Friends and please visit my site; which is if that doesn’t work then http://www.nobilitynotraein.wordpress, dot com copied into your browser


can’t control it, all and this appalling, quite shocking! What to do when you are a, rock hard place… It chips away once in a while! only what it can enter in through! choose it wise, to might up and up, positive nature of mind is a gift! On the  up and up I see

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On UP!

Read, thanks for the support guys, means a lot!



To be grateful for a little bit of mere crumbs to eat, is to really be grateful for everything that counts; and a person who is strong without question shows ardor truest…——  R.A.Nobility.N.








“Ever have one of those moments? One…—One where everything you do is off? Frustration sets in like ink blotted on a fresh canvas…” —–“Hey dumb ass, look in your pocket, or where you usually keep them?”

Rise Above

Beautiful streams flow with vast, incredible force producing much knowledge, with Peace…


To become, numb, unaware of your life; is to be without direction, let alone ardor!  A wise sage, said to be yourself, only consume nutrients of wisdom…—– -R.A.N.

Friends Bring Us Up

“Friends Bring Us Up…”

Sorry Guys

A Blown Back, Auto Immune Disease, Update Dear Friends


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