Friends Bring Us Up


Image by Aurélia - Jewels Author via Flickr

In end only think I;

Vast thoughts…

Doubt many wrongs?

Writing many wrongs!

They say think it well,

If you wish to become it!

To become your best,

Desire your best!

Seek opposite of things unwished.

Seek to find your best.

Find what?   The good it is  you quench;

Filter its source!

Know that it’s clean!

Full of your life’s best…——

Know it well Prior?

Trust it, seek its advisement……————

Such as you would any!

Such as any dearly close friend.

Become your best to find it?

To find what?

To find the life you desire, be it best,

Become your best, think your best…—

Think best, become, think best;

Best in thoughts will bring your best!

Always desire to learn!

Quench the desire you seek in humility

Desires best always!

Seek it and it will seek you,

Seek your best, it will seek;

Seek and find you, find you in trust…..————

Trust you will become all!

All dreams, be they righteous!

Be your best always, think your best

Desire your best, seeking humility.

Humility in your hearts trust?

Desire it friend, as your best would Always!!!

Peace Friends,

R.A. Noble

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