Johnnie Walker

Johnnie Walker Family

Image by BrotherMagneto via Flickr

I had thought, escaped perhaps?

Escape to blissful relaxation, if only a moment?

Taste, taste on palate, on critics mine!

My palate approves as such my audience within I…——

Once in a while, Johnnie, and myself relax to a few tunes,

Maybe a movie?

Perhaps a book, or while editing writings, muses;

Thirst in need of quench, yearning for good times.

So, I call to a good friend, one who’s got my shot on top!

As I reach for my “Johnnie WalkerGreen Label Premium Label.

It’s shot glass atop mountain calls…—–

Something worth scaling time and again!

Yet only in moderation, in yearning for taste not amount…

A true connoisseur, in it’s arts, it’s broken down in parts for me;

The pouring, the scent, sense of smell, taste, and burn going down!

After a shot or two for sheer enjoyment, I part thee.

Another day I say to the premium whiskey?

Next, maybe a nice ale, Hefeweizen, dark ale, light draft, lager?

To enjoy a beverage, upon scarce times…

Always enjoyed, enveloped for what it is and nothing more!

Good times are never to be over looked!

My higher self, gently imparts to me……..———–;-)

~R.A. Noble

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