Month: May 2011

To Be Heard

Hear it Well, Wise… To be Missed, How I once was! Peace, R.A.N.N.

Afterglow Legacy

Some have it easy, some have it hard, some midway I suppose, and some never make it!  But it’s what you do, whoever you are that counts…———— One thing about life, Never will it be in absence of beginning and end for us all! It’s the legacy, the afterglow that matters……———————————————— R.A. Noble


It’s gloomy out…———- My head to my right, Tilted down! Malaise unwelcome, unwelcomed…— Lifting my eyes, A mirror I saw myself in. I saw myself! Me and nobody else! Look in the mirror , Look well and hard once; Once in a while to recall yourself! Always know yourself, smile upon thee….—— 

Over Due Thanks, Gratitude…

It’s been itching at me!  What you ponder a bit no doubt??? Well, the title explains a tad on my subject…  However, I have wanted to thank all the hospital workers not long ago. I was hauled off, with police, firetruck, and a friggin’ ambulence.  I was briefly aware of things when the first responding

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Bible Study (via enigma33ish)

A Great Friend, amazing TALENT! Peace, R.A Noble Eyes fixed at breast level. You want to know do I believe in God? Why do you care what I believe? It is you I question. You do not ask if I am good kind, loyal or trustworthy. Do I accept the bible’s truth? Straight faced you

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“Regrets I have seen, Attempts I’ve tried, tears I’ve cried……————–Try I must, become I will!!!”

It came upon a Mid Nights Might! Might I be a soul, Ardor filled to the brim! To Move; Forward with strides unmatched. Unmatched by others, even if others are ahead? Only our strides and improvements…….——– Feel the cold jagged edges! Only we, all forge ahead… To show we are strong. strength only unto us,

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Cholangiocarcinoma Met

Became occasionally Joy, Hadn’t realized roots of source? See!  Once I fought, fought and fought it, Until nothing was retained at all??? It was a losing battle and, cancer its name! Enamored in stoic shameful sickening lights!!! Lights lit up with fire, burning in Asbestos, Poison, poised in Vegas lights on a Strip; Stripped of

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