Cholangiocarcinoma Met

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Became occasionally Joy,

Hadn’t realized roots of source?

See!  Once I fought, fought and fought it,

Until nothing was retained at all???

It was a losing battle and, cancer its name!

Enamored in stoic shameful sickening lights!!!

Lights lit up with fire, burning in Asbestos,

Poison, poised in Vegas lights on a Strip;

Stripped of any fun, nothing of Entertainment…—-

See, I’d sought after what wasn’t there any longer…

It was dead; it was never, ever to run as a creek, stream, even a Trickle?

Once it ran, ran with vigor, vigorously, full…

Intent, hellbent on life, living a life full!

Tributaries, massive flow, intent, charm,

For FRIENDS they were, yet they had gone and Disappeared and gone?

Lights GONE as night they had shed, they’d shed all light!

No light were left, no cleanliness, no more streams left!!!

Cancer, nothing to smile upon, nothing to laugh at in joy…..—

As no joyful enamor, no lights left?

All gone, no friends, to light its path, all nourishment gone???

Lost as it were, as it had become gone, as it has left to a place stripped!

No more was it to be seen, to become, to be a friend!

What damaged most if all and if any, were its lights gone…—–

Tributaries gone, trickles no longer???

It tried hard, friends left and gone knowing nothing?

Not to care longer, not to care at all!

Never to care, the damage they’d gloated in, in such bane and wicked intent!

Wicked, sickening intent, in the friends they once were to only have left???

Cowards to not know the damage fear and tears of which they’d left!

Left upon open, opened, still unhealed, only to open to deadly infection, intent…—

Never, rivers to run, to run as the once brave, stoic, enamored lit STREAMS!

Appreciated, spoken of well, Appreciated, always and always with intent true!;-)

Historical friendship, truth of it all, friends gone, tears shed and gone…

It had all left, Never to know, the loss left, never to give a hell as it were gone!

Robbed it were, robbed it became a dark and lonely place…

It mattered no longer; it became a river of nothing and left itself?

Itself, itself, itself tried and attempted to grow and grow back hellbent!

Intent to only serve up nothing…  Ever again, traces gone, trickles gone?

Lights out, enamored I say light it up bitte???

Bitte, lights beseech and seek, only to trickle to nothing, no more!

Only gone, gone with sickening intent, as it were, as it were, as it were…—-

As it were, only left, as it were stricken with fear, stricken!

It only knew how to beseech itself in lights left and gone…–

Gone as it were, smiling with; as a joke!

I think now, I only think near its end; what joke is this?

AS it were, I swore!  I swore to fight it, upon its new arrival!

Unexplained, Unexplained, I don’t know I don’t know???

What does this fiendish foe of sickening and sickening fear bring!

All of these staunch, memories of broken paths entail?

Gone, entertained, streams, lights out, fear and all has left!

Only Fear its enamor, joke,

Fiendish foe in friendship, to leave me Stricken

Gone are my lights, gone my trickles, and left out stripped elements……—-

~R.A. “Noble” Norris

2 comments on “Cholangiocarcinoma Met

  1. Hanna
    May 5, 2011 at 1:21 pm #

    How are you, dear?
    This morning my friend and I visited my elementary school teacher who had cancer. What a sad condition I saw, and yet so inspiring. She had a very strong will to live. She also has a kind little daughter of 1,5 years old.
    I brought with me what was collected from friends and other teachers, and I gave her a bottle of herbal medicine, I hope it can help.
    What about you? How are you?

    • R.A. Nobility
      May 9, 2011 at 2:38 am #

      Okay, sorry I’ve been so far from reach… I am not certain of exactly what’s going on for certain, just ominous signs have been lurking, throwing up, severe and unexplained weight loss, sore internal areas, among severe pain, but no hospitals (knock on wood, lol). My spirits are good and up so where it counts I’m great…

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