Day: May 9, 2011

Bible Study (via enigma33ish)

A Great Friend, amazing TALENT! Peace, R.A Noble Eyes fixed at breast level. You want to know do I believe in God? Why do you care what I believe? It is you I question. You do not ask if I am good kind, loyal or trustworthy. Do I accept the bible’s truth? Straight faced you

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“Regrets I have seen, Attempts I’ve tried, tears I’ve cried……————–Try I must, become I will!!!”

It came upon a Mid Nights Might! Might I be a soul, Ardor filled to the brim! To Move; Forward with strides unmatched. Unmatched by others, even if others are ahead? Only our strides and improvements…….——– Feel the cold jagged edges! Only we, all forge ahead… To show we are strong. strength only unto us,

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