Month: June 2011

Infinite Brother

Infinite Friend




Image by Aurelijus Valeiša via Flickr

Sorry it’s been a while guys!  Mangled my dominant hand, can;t even lift it!  In splint/cast. Hope I’m well enough soon to write…

Frieden, R.A.Noble Norris

End Road

“I suppose that when our road meets end, here or there?  One must bulldoze a fresh and oft times new road and path…” Related articles Dead By Sunrise- Let Down ( The road is open! ( George Clooney and Elisabetta Canalis the end of a rocky road (


I use to fight! Fight to keep em’ all at bay or out of reach… Now I fight for a noble legacy, a blissful fight to my bitter end; I just hope it turns sweeter friends! To now fight for their well being… As we all do! ~Rich A. N.N. Related articles Manifest Your Dreams

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A Glimpse Unnerving, Undeserved

A Glimpse Unnerving, Undeserved.

Tribute, “Ricky the Hitman Hatton”

“A Great tribute to the fighting mentality and a true hero…”

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