Image by j l t via Flickr

Elation, bliss!  No bane here, all of us have our one secret…  Bliss is IGNORANCE they say!  Bliss to not help friends in need?  Bliss to ignore bettering the public,  bliss in all, bliss in the slaughter and blood shed in humanities existence.  Face it we love the fight.  Oft times we say screw that person, I don’t care what they go through, then you discover appreciation when you get their struggle(s)!  With age comes (hopefully) maturity, learning internally our best.

What the hell do we pull out of ourselves?  Life is like a needle and thread; do we sew a straight line or a crooked one for the hell of it?  Is fame worth all the flattery, the flak, attack of nature, nurture!

No man!  No I say no way.  I’d dig a ditch and lie in it instead!  Fame is something we all seek, in our own minds and ways, it’s okay if it doesn’t hurt us!  Some are never discovered; and what if a writer, suddenly dies, has a stroke, or heart attack, shock, trauma, then what?  Words from the grave?  Why does it always take our lives to let us live, to be more appreciated!

To be appreciated, wanted, needed, to aspire to have pals, to hang with your bro’s and sis’s is life and all I seek.  With quill I pen with elation yes!  All I seek is my one craft, vice and friends, for without support, without those whom love and appreciate you, what are you, what are we???

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