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I like to view myself, as a decent person, don't we all? As I've gotten older and stricken with this crippling disease(s) and hospitalizations, every time while laying in that bed, half gone...----I give my all to pull through; I like to think of myself as a fighter in life, to be the best I can... I guess there's two ways I could have taken all of this? Chosen to let it consume me or rise above it! I'm 36 now, seems like a few days ago, I was 22, but man time has flown for me! I'm trying to be the best person I know how, in spite of fatal illness (auto immune disease and more)... I figure now, it doesn't help to consume with it! Fight it I will, but consume me it won't? Hope this helps for you to know me better? I have felt some of my life's hardships, have brought out a more pure me... Especially to those physically or even mentally ill, yet all are vastly important, in this life we all fight and live together! Frieden Friends... R. Noble

Lost Equation

“Sometimes some think they know, who you are! However they never spent time with you; hell, they never looked you eye to eye!!!”

The Liebster Blog Award

The Liebster Blog Award.

Better You

Any support appreciated I’m near death, God knows? Towards my site I profit not on… I love to write and to touch one, in my book means all… Not piece, hit link. Bliss Friends, R.A.N.N.

PS. I count all as friends, please support, I’m beyond words of appreciation.


“Without help who are we, who do we become”


We Fight the Same

Bleed Together

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To what ends of the globe can we travel?

Oft times finding the same ugly environment wrapped creatively…

Only to pull out our best selves is all the salve we need friends…

No better feeling than being needed

Serve I desire, not to be served to

We all live breath, bleed, and die the same in life…

~R.A. Noble Norris


“Trapped I’ve robbed from myself life given me” ~Rich A Noble Norris

Must we allow credence within any of us, to go unnanounced? Don’t assume one if any told you what the hell to do to better youselve’s? They always had it in them, for the downfall of you as grave insujtice. Jelousy, must they hide away as in a box? Just because they find you a

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At any Cost

Peace Friends, enjoy Weekend…


oft times shit… Life can and at times will show its fangs! Yet it’s times as such, it always seems?


“New free verse poetry, I appreciate all who support me… I owe a lot to my great friends all! Please read, and all are welcome to explore my writing site (maybe not best, just valiant), which I write for others, for all that is good man” Much Gratefulness Friends, – Rich A. N.N.

Quote on Beliefs…

“Coincide with your own beliefs!  Don’t tally against others with your crap…” Related articles Holy Crap! ( Just need to get this out there… ( Report tallies “Big Chicken” toll on Bay (

Judgement Passed Not!

“To judge another is to judge yourself, as so to speak for another is to speak for yourself…” Much Peace Friends, Rich Aaron N. N. Related articles You: Altaf proposes peace formula ( Ryan Boogaard issues statement standing up for brother Aaron ( Rental Firms May be Allowed to Spy on Customers With Webcams (

New Year

“New Year,” a short quote

Infinite Brother

Infinite Friend




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Sorry it’s been a while guys!  Mangled my dominant hand, can;t even lift it!  In splint/cast. Hope I’m well enough soon to write…

Frieden, R.A.Noble Norris

End Road

“I suppose that when our road meets end, here or there?  One must bulldoze a fresh and oft times new road and path…” Related articles Dead By Sunrise- Let Down ( The road is open! ( George Clooney and Elisabetta Canalis the end of a rocky road (


I use to fight! Fight to keep em’ all at bay or out of reach… Now I fight for a noble legacy, a blissful fight to my bitter end; I just hope it turns sweeter friends! To now fight for their well being… As we all do! ~Rich A. N.N. Related articles Manifest Your Dreams

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A Glimpse Unnerving, Undeserved

A Glimpse Unnerving, Undeserved.

Tribute, “Ricky the Hitman Hatton”

“A Great tribute to the fighting mentality and a true hero…”

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