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Better You

Any support appreciated I’m near death, God knows? Towards my site I profit not on… I love to write and to touch one, in my book means all… Not piece, hit link. Bliss Friends, R.A.N.N.

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“New free verse poetry, I appreciate all who support me… I owe a lot to my great friends all! Please read, and all are welcome to explore my writing site (maybe not best, just valiant), which I write for others, for all that is good man” Much Gratefulness Friends, – Rich A. N.N.

To Be Heard

Hear it Well, Wise… To be Missed, How I once was! Peace, R.A.N.N.


It’s gloomy out…———- My head to my right, Tilted down! Malaise unwelcome, unwelcomed…— Lifting my eyes, A mirror I saw myself in. I saw myself! Me and nobody else! Look in the mirror , Look well and hard once; Once in a while to recall yourself! Always know yourself, smile upon thee….—— 

Rise Above

Beautiful streams flow with vast, incredible force producing much knowledge, with Peace…


Once Outside Myself

Every new beginning comes from some other begi...
Image by legends2k via Flickr

It once occurred to myself;

Enter only to exit…

Recall the exit!

A mirror of one’s entrance?

Don’t stare too long!

Privy enough to Account…

See inside the spirit,

Many others,

Seeing they as yourself;

Wanting true Altruism for all…

Important to see yourself in this picture.

Hero’s exist to form future…

Noble’s are formed of they!

See thyself as direction…

Altering life…———

All living for God‘s…

Meditation higher purpose self;

Buddha to smiles…

~R. A. Noble

It’s Been a While

“Sometimes it feels or seems—-
Life is living us all,
Should never be that way!”

Banter Myself

“Told me to get the boat! Put into the vast ocean… Said row hard, fast and swiftly. Not to stop!”

Bitter Sweet Decay of Bane

“Nothing fun in becoming, unprofitable, down the trodden path?”


“Possibilities would become realities and” Appreciate my Supporters/subscribers… Much Love, and Blessings to All!


Self-Published Narcissism: The Sound Track
to which they plot escape a Search link and great business…

A Dedication to the Vast Views! I am Blessed by All…

-It’s all good and appreciated 24-7, 365!!!:-)

-R.A.N. “I never can, nor would I ever soley write for I, it just isn’t writing, to not be heard, gratefully understood when you are, comments, enduring compliments appreciated always, I only hope I can write for even one?

Uprising by Muse off of 2009 Album “The Resistance”

“Hell of a Tune Man!;-)  Band of great depth in massive courage, respect and true ENJOYMENT”  Riots in Egypt boiling over in Ongoing protests.  Peace Egypt

Content Worthy of Traffic!?!?

Content Desperate Searched Seeked Discovered Purpose What Serve Anything Deserving Trash Thrashing About Moves Content Unworthy Garbage Eaten Swallowed Whole All Owe Credence Any Visit Why What Continue Despondence Poor Desperate Monetary Waste Piled High Filled Trash Trash Trash Visited Tried True Say Who Whom

Collections of Muses

“A Life Lived is a Life Earned!——” “Bravery in defeat is no less than heroic defeat taken well…” “To know How to Win, one MUST find loss, and to know Defeat or loss; is to become acquainted with winning!” “A collection of Ascension into Valleys, is met in ones decline from its peak, but without

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Pale Beauty

Life lives on…………—————-Never will my spirit die!

Music Heals Me

I am free and it soothes my mind My melencholy dissipates it disintegrates Animosity gone to what do I owe this respect

The Vine

How to break away, live well?!?!

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