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“For without music, life is an architects tools void and life is without expression or freedom of spirit! Oft-Times “Only Unique” with meaningful purpose to our lives…”

“Music to one is just notes and simple lyrics of little knowledge and no impact, yet so foolish this is and not worthy of it’s words!!!”

while others find music to be no less than tenacious, brave, stoicism, making their life’s statements, and some must always interpret, the good, never should you interpret the bad impact as it doesn’t exist, only if you are a brave, dumb, foolish stooge…”

“still others find music to be as vital as being as necessary as life’s oxygen and blood…”

“To survive and love life, one must love the art and delightful sounds of music…”

“The beauty in life’s interpretations of music, has to be always, fact, we all live, love, learn oft times, become master musicians, and could never imagine any life worth living bare nakedd without music…”

” I do sincerely love to play music, whether my ecclectic collections of mass tunage brothers and sisters, or even when I am paid to play gigs…”

“Now all that keeps me going and so many others of vast cicumstances, is the depth, tone, beauty, and individual love of many genres played with vast enjoyment……………..————-;-)))”

“Peace Music,
RNobilitynotraein a fan of immense depth and appreciation in all the music I endulge in so often, and as such keeps me sustained like a platter of wonderful food!”

A Dedication to the Vast Views! I am Blessed by All…

-It’s all good and appreciated 24-7, 365!!!:-)

-R.A.N. “I never can, nor would I ever soley write for I, it just isn’t writing, to not be heard, gratefully understood when you are, comments, enduring compliments appreciated always, I only hope I can write for even one?

Uprising by Muse off of 2009 Album “The Resistance”

“Hell of a Tune Man!;-)  Band of great depth in massive courage, respect and true ENJOYMENT”  Riots in Egypt boiling over in Ongoing protests.  Peace Egypt