Category: Primary Sclerosing Cholangitis

Cholangiocarcinoma Met

Became occasionally Joy, Hadn’t realized roots of source? See!  Once I fought, fought and fought it, Until nothing was retained at all??? It was a losing battle and, cancer its name! Enamored in stoic shameful sickening lights!!! Lights lit up with fire, burning in Asbestos, Poison, poised in Vegas lights on a Strip; Stripped of

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Unknown Auto-Immune Fatal Disease

“One of my nurses, Jen, I will refer to her as, out of respect and in anonymity. Was the most caring, altruistic Nurses, gal I’ve ever had to treat me and well, I mean very, very well… She made me feel so damn awesome; and that someone gave a damn about me! “Never will I forget her, send my best”