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This category, I hope you will all enjoy and take note that some areas go a bit deep, meaning in end I never want to offend a soul (being human)… I feel we are all this way, something inside us innate or unborn, deeper to that higher self, which perhaps knew another world before this one… “It’s Being Human: encompasses, many aspects, especially our humanity, how we treat one another, religion is all about how we treat the next jack or jill? Appreciate you all and hope all best for you guys always, especially those who suffer, as I with this life taking and threatening disease I have? It’s funny the simplest things become so important all of a sudden? Common sense a lot of it I suppose, things we already know, but reminders at times can’t hurt huh, to always keep us rowing that boat the best we can in life, to fight on, and to get knocked down and back up always giving your finest effort(s)! Blessings Friends, and Vast Peace,

R. or NobilityNotraEin

Friends Regardless

which makes sense, however those we do get to know or do know, should abide by the above, but in end: “If our so-called friend(s), those who would say they are friends, if they decide we are not good enough as their friends or for their path, then they’ve not been a real friend, as a real friend never leaves ones side and as a friend of mine says and is very true: “life isn’t fair I only know one type of fair, Life take bus fair/fare!”

This article is devoted to the true and real friend and friends whom do exist, whom are real and make life worth every bit of damn effort…;-)

Neglect Not

From life experience, it used to be hard to be so altruistic, at least in light of who I used to?
Many of us, can relate, especially as we age, we grow like weeds or flowers of our choosing! Hope it’s not any darn weed huh (ha, ha)? No really I believe all people who enter this vast planet we live on, that sustains us all no matter whom we are? That we have that righteous soul, higher self, soul, spirit, light, God, God’s, Angels to lean on

Arturo Gatti, the Legend Rest Well Friend…

Heart No Better! Awesome Human Being in and Out of the Ring………………—————-

Hello world!

“Life is no saint, all we can do is try best”