To Be Heard

Hearing aid

I live to Fight, to move On, Not to preach to Older, Only to Younger

Faith is Credence in and within any of us

Younger or Older we all move on through Life Always…

Enter Peacefully, Peacefully Leave Friends,

R. Noble, A. Norris


Afterglow Legacy

Some have it easy, some have it hard, some midway I suppose, and some never make it! 

But it’s what you do, whoever you are that counts…————

One thing about life,

Never will it be in absence of beginning and end for us all!

It’s the legacy, the afterglow that matters……————————————————

R.A. Noble


It’s gloomy out…———-

My head to my right,

Tilted down!

Malaise unwelcome, unwelcomed…—

Lifting my eyes,

A mirror I saw myself in.

I saw myself!

Me and nobody else!

Look in the mirror ,

Look well and hard once;

Once in a while to recall yourself!

Always know yourself, smile upon thee….—— 

Over Due Thanks, Gratitude…

It’s been itching at me!  What you ponder a bit no doubt???

Well, the title explains a tad on my subject…  However, I have wanted to thank all the hospital workers not long ago.

I was hauled off, with police, firetruck, and a friggin’ ambulence.  I was briefly aware of things when the first responding EMS experts arrived; out of nowhere I went into a sort of unconciousness.

To be hauled off to a hospital ER is spooky, when it was as bad as I’d gotten…  As they always do, they put an IV into me, then admistered some strong meds.  However, I could only hear them speak faintly, but couldn’t respond.

I will keep things concise, try leaving my main message!  Message!  Which is:

“To all of the medical friends, and awesome nurses I had, all helped me pull through, I’m saying you all need to know in many ways you are loved and appreciated!”

Bible Study (via enigma33ish)

A Great Friend, amazing TALENT! Peace, R.A Noble

Eyes fixed at breast level. You want to know do I believe in God? Why do you care what I believe? It is you I question. You do not ask if I am good kind, loyal or trustworthy. Do I accept the bible’s truth? Straight faced you persist to know my “faith” As your godly hands venture up my leg. I look down at that table As if to see through it. Verify your actions. Only to see past lovers plus carved initials equals love. Does the Lord play footsy wi … Read More

via enigma33ish

“Regrets I have seen, Attempts I’ve tried, tears I’ve cried……————–Try I must, become I will!!!”

Big Strides

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It came upon a Mid Nights Might!

Might I be a soul,

Ardor filled to the brim!

To Move;

Forward with strides unmatched.

Unmatched by others, even if others are ahead?

Only our strides and improvements…….——–

Feel the cold jagged edges!

Only we, all forge ahead…

To show we are strong.

strength only unto us, not others!

For only what we are, become in this life matters,

Is it productive, unproductive, accidental?

Hopefully it is our best always?

Be Mid Nights Might For You and All, I Become…….——

R.A. Noble

Cholangiocarcinoma Met

New Hope Creek, looking west from rocks in the...

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Became occasionally Joy,

Hadn’t realized roots of source?

See!  Once I fought, fought and fought it,

Until nothing was retained at all???

It was a losing battle and, cancer its name!

Enamored in stoic shameful sickening lights!!!

Lights lit up with fire, burning in Asbestos,

Poison, poised in Vegas lights on a Strip;

Stripped of any fun, nothing of Entertainment…—-

See, I’d sought after what wasn’t there any longer…

It was dead; it was never, ever to run as a creek, stream, even a Trickle?

Once it ran, ran with vigor, vigorously, full…

Intent, hellbent on life, living a life full!

Tributaries, massive flow, intent, charm,

For FRIENDS they were, yet they had gone and Disappeared and gone?

Lights GONE as night they had shed, they’d shed all light!

No light were left, no cleanliness, no more streams left!!!

Cancer, nothing to smile upon, nothing to laugh at in joy…..—

As no joyful enamor, no lights left?

All gone, no friends, to light its path, all nourishment gone???

Lost as it were, as it had become gone, as it has left to a place stripped!

No more was it to be seen, to become, to be a friend!

What damaged most if all and if any, were its lights gone…—–

Tributaries gone, trickles no longer???

It tried hard, friends left and gone knowing nothing?

Not to care longer, not to care at all!

Never to care, the damage they’d gloated in, in such bane and wicked intent!

Wicked, sickening intent, in the friends they once were to only have left???

Cowards to not know the damage fear and tears of which they’d left!

Left upon open, opened, still unhealed, only to open to deadly infection, intent…—

Never, rivers to run, to run as the once brave, stoic, enamored lit STREAMS!

Appreciated, spoken of well, Appreciated, always and always with intent true!;-)

Historical friendship, truth of it all, friends gone, tears shed and gone…

It had all left, Never to know, the loss left, never to give a hell as it were gone!

Robbed it were, robbed it became a dark and lonely place…

It mattered no longer; it became a river of nothing and left itself?

Itself, itself, itself tried and attempted to grow and grow back hellbent!

Intent to only serve up nothing…  Ever again, traces gone, trickles gone?

Lights out, enamored I say light it up bitte???

Bitte, lights beseech and seek, only to trickle to nothing, no more!

Only gone, gone with sickening intent, as it were, as it were, as it were…—-

As it were, only left, as it were stricken with fear, stricken!

It only knew how to beseech itself in lights left and gone…–

Gone as it were, smiling with; as a joke!

I think now, I only think near its end; what joke is this?

AS it were, I swore!  I swore to fight it, upon its new arrival!

Unexplained, Unexplained, I don’t know I don’t know???

What does this fiendish foe of sickening and sickening fear bring!

All of these staunch, memories of broken paths entail?

Gone, entertained, streams, lights out, fear and all has left!

Only Fear its enamor, joke,

Fiendish foe in friendship, to leave me Stricken

Gone are my lights, gone my trickles, and left out stripped elements……—-

~R.A. “Noble” Norris

Thanks a Ton!

I pray this is the right place to do so; but wanted to say thanks for everyone’s support! I write to hopefully inspire and leave one in a great place? Thanks to all on WordPress, friends, WP advice and all…

My Best: R.A. Noble


“A man should not be measured by effort in all, what really counts is what effort is on the inside.  Do you really care, or act the part?”

I’m certain it’s been said in some way, maybe as such?  It’s a quote I was feeling at the time…——–

Peace All,

R.A. noble

A Glimpse Unnerving, Undeserved

Violent water below Niagara Falls Photographer...

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From a streams rapids,

Before they pounced and crushed;

All of the rocks, underneath!

Knowing  not their soon to come falls?

Still they came, the rocks intruded opon…

Water pounced, assumed to know the rocks?

Then carried all their knowledge of the boulders

Dismay, unnaproving host to tell all about I rocks once brushed!

Streams pouncing on rocks bottom, rudely unnanounced…—–

You’ve been this stream;

Only to know me on whim unfair, stick around briefly,

In a streams falls upon rocks to then move downstream.

This has been you!

A friend(s) claiming to be there for you when not.

But they only catch glipses of a darkened cave

Their stream only to judge my worst…——-

My jaw drops friend, my jaw drops friend…———

You Abandoned me in my needs;

Once I helped you a plethora of times thick and thin.

Upon you never returning the favor.

Don’t see me from a glimpse as water meeting rocks briefly?

To all be loyal fans of one another, loyal friends as should be…

I see peace, kind gestures only now?

Please know the rapids, make up thoroughly;

Prior to judgement passed on anyone, as it’s hurtful assumptions…

I see daylight, I see Daylight upon my being…

Soon to be freed, from the thorns you placed inside and out!

~R.A. Noble

Johnnie Walker

Johnnie Walker Family

Image by BrotherMagneto via Flickr

I had thought, escaped perhaps?

Escape to blissful relaxation, if only a moment?

Taste, taste on palate, on critics mine!

My palate approves as such my audience within I…——

Once in a while, Johnnie, and myself relax to a few tunes,

Maybe a movie?

Perhaps a book, or while editing writings, muses;

Thirst in need of quench, yearning for good times.

So, I call to a good friend, one who’s got my shot on top!

As I reach for my “Johnnie WalkerGreen Label Premium Label.

It’s shot glass atop mountain calls…—–

Something worth scaling time and again!

Yet only in moderation, in yearning for taste not amount…

A true connoisseur, in it’s arts, it’s broken down in parts for me;

The pouring, the scent, sense of smell, taste, and burn going down!

After a shot or two for sheer enjoyment, I part thee.

Another day I say to the premium whiskey?

Next, maybe a nice ale, Hefeweizen, dark ale, light draft, lager?

To enjoy a beverage, upon scarce times…

Always enjoyed, enveloped for what it is and nothing more!

Good times are never to be over looked!

My higher self, gently imparts to me……..———–;-)

~R.A. Noble

To Leave Trash…

In a society where we have polls and, favorite making, word spread, hell I’m going to, just think fame would suck, to just be known enough as a friend in need is me?  I’ve found many good friends one who comments on me a lot; just wanted to say Bless Your Friendship! and all my great buddies…————————I aim now to make it edited to the hilt!  On my success and more on my fellow bloggers and your Belief in me!  Much Peace R.A. Noble.   Again much success and thanks any support I get or if, hell what do you think of my writing, some of it’s rough as hell and I’m embarrased, So I’d love to put my best foot down for a great band piece/peace I like man…  Again Bliss and Peace All, Noble A.


can’t control it, all and this appalling, quite shocking!

What to do when you are a, rock hard place…

It chips away once in a while!

only what it can enter in through!

choose it wise, to might up and up,

positive nature of mind is a gift!

On the  up and up I see

I see myself flying!————


On UP!

Can’t control it, all and this appalling, quite shocking!

What to do when you are a, rock hard place…

It chips away once in a while!

Only what it can enter in through!

Choose it wise, to might up and up,

Positive nature of mind is a gift!

On the  up and up I see

I see myself flying!———— 

R.Noble friends



To be grateful for a little bit of mere crumbs to eat, is to really be grateful for everything that counts; and a person who is strong without question shows ardor truest…——  R.A.Nobility.N.








"PG-13" rating of Motion Picture Ass...

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Ever have one of those moments?  One…—One where everything you do is off?  Frustration sets in like ink blotted on a fresh canvas… 

Today, I was going about my day and running from here to there!  When I set about looking for my keys I’d lost that day?  Luckily I’d gotten a spare set earlier, but nothing like that good luck pair, so it seems; perhaps like that lucky hat, Jewelry? 

What I began doing was lifting up my “Field and Stream” magazine, “Cabellas Catalog,” some of the dumb shit places I thought my dumb ass could have set them?  So after doing this and that for what seemed a few minutes, when 2 hours had ticked by; common sense said: “Hey dumb ass, look in your pocket, or where you usually keep them?”

I did just this!  Found them, but it wasn’t until much later, through much unneeded bullshit???  Well I’m here to tell ya’s, when you let your mind go to wandering mode, to a place of stuck in the middle of nowhere with a can of shit to drink, think, think, think…——

I take that back, for if you think more, you’ll just fill up on more shit in cans, in the middle of nowhere…

Okay, this post is a bit PG-13 I’d guess!  Oh well, I suppose what I’m getting at is patience is what counts, what matters most…  To step back, quiet your rambling, mashed up brain it does seem, and think of nothing.  Fade off to a place where all is numb; not in a bad way, yet a great way, so that you are numb to life’s stressors like lost keys, misplaced mail, or I forgot to feed the kids right on time…  They can wait for a little while more one day of the month, the keys don’t matter all that much, you’ve got a backup plan for all this shite!  Just think who gives a shit, when you don’t it won’t give a crap about you.  Then you’ll be dealing with no unnecessary shit…

Patience!  What is it?  To have it in your already busy mind, full of rocks and all the other shit in there, that oh: “I’ve got to locate my keys, but actually think I’ll let my keys find me this time!”  It’s always those moments we think that cliché: “wow it was right under my nose, and all that work, worrying and frustration was a bunch of crap, all for not!”  And We Always kick ourselves every time right…——;-)

Being busy is overrated; doing too much is overrated, especially these days, and with all the newest gadgets floating about!  Wow, did you see the latest Iphone, Ipod, Ipad???  How about we just think, I don’t give a shit once in a while and kick our feet back?  I’d F bomb it, but I’m ahead, so I’ll say add to that once in a while, screw technology, or computers for a bit, who gives a bloody shite!  Just act a fool once in a blue moon, but be sure she’s not looking or whomever!  Kind of like getting your hand caught in the cookie jar?   A little too cocky and we don’t want that, but yet again who gives a shit so long it’s not all the time???

Next time I lose or misplace something, be it my credentials, passport, this or that, I’m certain I’ll throw all this out the window!  However to plant the idea, the seed is the crucial part…  Next time you lose something let it find you; by all means it may be crucial to locate, but it won’t be found under stressors or such?  Hence the term we so often hear: “Dumb Luck!”  You weren’t looking for it and it not for you…  Still it was pinned down and caught in the act trying to hide from you, when on a whims notice, hell no notice, you say: “you dumb son of a bitch I’ve got ya’s.”  Until the next “stumble” I suppose?

Talking isn’t just verbal, and listening isn’t just the simple act of acting the part!  Live life like you mean it I would say, would think…  Do the things you care about, that make a difference!  Not just to benefit you, but those you love or care about. 

In life’s end it is all about what legacy we choose to leave behind, why the hell else are we here?  For fun, just for the hell of it right?  God I hope not, or I’m screwed, like many of us I’m sure???

Slow the reel, be wise, pay attention, listen and shut up and mean it; be real and relax knowing you’re lucky to have all you do…  If you can’t do that, just feel lucky to just be alive!

Rise Above

Stream Flowing into Russell Cave

Image by J. Stephen Conn via Flickr

Once it flowed,

Provided wealth;

From under it flowed.

Vibrations it produced,

As it ran from just a tad underneath

It rapidly began to seep above….—–


To become, numb, unaware of your life; is to be without direction, let alone ardor!  A wise sage, said to be yourself, only consume nutrients of wisdom…—–


Friends Bring Us Up


Image by Aurélia - Jewels Author via Flickr

In end only think I;

Vast thoughts…

Doubt many wrongs?

Writing many wrongs!

They say think it well,

If you wish to become it!

To become your best,

Desire your best!

Seek opposite of things unwished.

Seek to find your best.

Find what?   The good it is  you quench;

Filter its source!

Know that it’s clean!

Full of your life’s best…——

Know it well Prior?

Trust it, seek its advisement……————

Such as you would any!

Such as any dearly close friend.

Become your best to find it?

To find what?

To find the life you desire, be it best,

Become your best, think your best…—

Think best, become, think best;

Best in thoughts will bring your best!

Always desire to learn!

Quench the desire you seek in humility

Desires best always!

Seek it and it will seek you,

Seek your best, it will seek;

Seek and find you, find you in trust…..————

Trust you will become all!

All dreams, be they righteous!

Be your best always, think your best

Desire your best, seeking humility.

Humility in your hearts trust?

Desire it friend, as your best would Always!!!

Peace Friends,

R.A. Noble

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