Reveries Elusive, Our Ascension Unquenched

Marmolada ascent
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Our dream, muse…

Followed, chased,

quenched, or never?!?!

The Ascent is never enough……———

If it is, then we encounter destiny?

Succession (our goal) met in infinite tenacity;

Righteous dreams, wills, serenity,

Failure is a foe, it’s despondency at it’s best!

We fight one another for position!!!

Compete we must, it’s human nature?

Humane not!

We all climb in life, start out well though often confused?

Knock never another down whom you pass by………——-

Lift him by the hand and pull up!

If we ascend together,

Help friends, neighbors, wife’s or husbands/anyone

We live life’s ascension together…

As we help guide one another

To whatever, whomever we choose

Our Ascent we Become.

Never say sorry for the life you live!

Love much, so much man…

To nobody apologize for becoming your best!

It’s what makes life worth a damn;

Live it, live the hell out of it

No apologies…——-

Best, our best is all we can do?

-Rich Aaron Norris

One comment on “Reveries Elusive, Our Ascension Unquenched

  1. RNobilityNotraEin
    March 22, 2011 at 12:39 am #

    Please leave comments and recommend…;-) 😉

    Noble;-) 😉

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