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Sorry it’s been a while guys!  Mangled my dominant hand, can;t even lift it!  In splint/cast. Hope I’m well enough soon to write…

Frieden, R.A.Noble Norris



Frieden, Bitte!;-) 😉

Judge Not

“Judge nobody!”

True Leader

“A true leader is not only a good friend, not only you believe?”


“To see a vision, is to become that vision, to utilize what power comes from it, whether it be in writing, teaching, working and on and on…  We all visualize, it’s what we do with it that counts, right?” ~R.A.N. Related Articles A clearer picture of vision (biosingularity.wordpress.com) Reduce pain with a ‘visual trick’ (physorg.com)

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No Respect!

To lead instilling fear or dictatorship if you wish???

It’s Peaceful Words

Eyes closed, resting, recharging! It’s my time, time slowed, it’s quiet, peaceful,

Nowhere Fast!

Going Somewhere??? Think hard…——–;-)

Pale Beauty

Life lives on…………—————-Never will my spirit die!

One Race

One color

Cowards Never

Live life well, be brave in all you come across, be it life’s duties or whatever………..———–

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