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At any Cost

Peace Friends, enjoy Weekend…

Judgement Passed Not!

“To judge another is to judge yourself, as so to speak for another is to speak for yourself…” Much Peace Friends, Rich Aaron N. N. Related articles You: Altaf proposes peace formula (nation.com.pk) Ryan Boogaard issues statement standing up for brother Aaron (prohockeytalk.nbcsports.com) Rental Firms May be Allowed to Spy on Customers With Webcams (comsecllc.blogspot.com)

Friends Bring Us Up

“Friends Bring Us Up…”

Sorry Guys

A Blown Back, Auto Immune Disease, Update Dear Friends

Voice Found

“One can’t help, but to give support when it’s been given!”

Friends Regardless

which makes sense, however those we do get to know or do know, should abide by the above, but in end: “If our so-called friend(s), those who would say they are friends, if they decide we are not good enough as their friends or for their path, then they’ve not been a real friend, as a real friend never leaves ones side and as a friend of mine says and is very true: “life isn’t fair I only know one type of fair, Life take bus fair/fare!”

This article is devoted to the true and real friend and friends whom do exist, whom are real and make life worth every bit of damn effort…;-)