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We Fight the Same

Bleed Together

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To what ends of the globe can we travel?

Oft times finding the same ugly environment wrapped creatively…

Only to pull out our best selves is all the salve we need friends…

No better feeling than being needed

Serve I desire, not to be served to

We all live breath, bleed, and die the same in life…

~R.A. Noble Norris

End Road

“I suppose that when our road meets end, here or there?  One must bulldoze a fresh and oft times new road and path…” Related articles Dead By Sunrise- Let Down (ohthenonstopramblings.wordpress.com) The road is open! (priestlakelifestyle.wordpress.com) George Clooney and Elisabetta Canalis the end of a rocky road (primociak.wordpress.com)

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