Must we allow credence within any of us, to go unnanounced?

Don’t assume one if any told you what the hell to do to better youselve’s?

They always had it in them, for the downfall of you as grave insujtice.

Jelousy, must they hide away as in a box?

Just because they find you a threat upon some level selfishly!

I truly believe, if we could all love each other, appreciate others;

This world would be not only elation, bliss, but to no greater avail than success.

To triumph under pressure, when near death, feeling alone, marks a true hero,

I have been a many of advocates, as the real me loves to fight injustice anywhere!

Injustice?  Upon what foundry, what slate?  Jesus, justice for us all, God knows

We are all headed in the same direction(s).  It’s our intent to make others proud of us.

May we shine, to find they will shine as well, no matter what the cost, no matter who?

Who the hell ever be in charge, or even I six under it all, it’s our legacy which counts.

Mine happens to be my beyond any words to express, my writing, my;

To recall why I ever quit writing myself, is too difficult to say I gave up at my best!

College, even High School Ap English/Writing courses, I accelled to be just heard through

Teachers on AP H.S. Level and College level, in way beyond my writing requirements, my major was journalism, I could picture myself having hold on for life, over in Iraq

Bringing stories of my top perfection in fairness, to honestly love and bring out best…


Rich A Noble Norris

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