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“Censorship of All, a Confusing Topic All About Us A-Z”

Also, I only can hope and pray with vigor in my own spirituality and ways! Let always, always, always and never may any wrong, negative, “Censorship” or “Back-Stepping(s)” “Continue to Go About!” May all be only, encountered upon grounds, clearly marked, marked with peaceful terms, with outcomes being so well thought out prior, of which would be impossible to outperform or ever see in better lights………….————–;-) 😉

Music Heals Me

I am free and it soothes my mind My melencholy dissipates it disintegrates Animosity gone to what do I owe this respect

Enough! 2nd Class Citizens No More…

“we neglect the fact our lives are blessed, which should never be done!”

Daylights Proposition

I begin to slowly awake as the suns rays settle into my room.

Eyes heavy and alone through the black void of the night,