Better You

Friends at Columbia University.

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Left with no money

Drink gone

Spilled it to the spoils

Some see not what they have

No God Damn eats, and nobody cares

It’s easy to scale but it takes a true hero to not look down

Look down never upon your climbing competition

Foes or not they are people as us

To become friendship is all we need for life

Fighting and slinging dirt

You get the shit back

Sling good acts, be a friend, be friends

To all we must sacrifice our best selves for them

I leave you with a gift friend

I walk away but I’m your shoulder for life

Bliss, Rich Aaron Noble Norris



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Elation, bliss!  No bane here, all of us have our one secret…  Bliss is IGNORANCE they say!  Bliss to not help friends in need?  Bliss to ignore bettering the public,  bliss in all, bliss in the slaughter and blood shed in humanities existence.  Face it we love the fight.  Oft times we say screw that person, I don’t care what they go through, then you discover appreciation when you get their struggle(s)!  With age comes (hopefully) maturity, learning internally our best.

What the hell do we pull out of ourselves?  Life is like a needle and thread; do we sew a straight line or a crooked one for the hell of it?  Is fame worth all the flattery, the flak, attack of nature, nurture!

No man!  No I say no way.  I’d dig a ditch and lie in it instead!  Fame is something we all seek, in our own minds and ways, it’s okay if it doesn’t hurt us!  Some are never discovered; and what if a writer, suddenly dies, has a stroke, or heart attack, shock, trauma, then what?  Words from the grave?  Why does it always take our lives to let us live, to be more appreciated!

To be appreciated, wanted, needed, to aspire to have pals, to hang with your bro’s and sis’s is life and all I seek.  With quill I pen with elation yes!  All I seek is my one craft, vice and friends, for without support, without those whom love and appreciate you, what are you, what are we???

At any Cost

Glock Ges.m.b.H.

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Seems in life we always aspire to perfection?  What does it always or should bring?  Perfection at what cost I say…

Are we willing so badly for it, in which to sacrifice others for our best, our own well being…  We may not be at war literally!  In many other ways we are, and what does this accomplish?  A complete God Damn inability to respect one another, nor treat as good, is our only first and lonesome starter of flak, trouble, spite or vindication…

Instead let hardships, be heard, reasoned with, treated if needed and left at rest.  To what ends do we owe this or that?  Peace Friends, enjoy Weekend…

~Rich A. Noble Norris


Wittgenstein's Poker: The Story of a Ten-Minut...

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To end up with results, you’d always wish to coincide with!  Means you interact with all you undertake, always having stoic sincerity; having taken integrity upon yourself, your stance in life and treating all with equality in this life oft times shit…  Life can and at times will show its fangs!  Yet it’s times as such, it always seems?  When a good friend or neighbor, near or far always smiles back upon us all just the same…

Much Peace,



Wise Old Owl

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Purge, purge and purge I do
I have wondered at times why I as all must unfortunately
Purge, purge and purge

I have shouted to the sky in hazy dust
Storms have engulfed me
I’ve survived these storms thus far

I have knelt to ask for help
Still, purge I do to rid toxins my best, mental or physical
I do in hopes for a better life

Went to church, faithful but it wasn’t me
Purge and Purge I did to avail not
To try is all we can and must do

Successful or not we all live, die, have bodies, faith and all, same we are
Railroad tracks on both sides
We all live here or there

Do we all have to be same
We all breathe knowledge
It’s what adept or God forbid inept attitudes we carry

Some fake who they are
For if any found them real
All they ever knew, acted would disintegrate

One thing we all know in life, one thing
Good is good and bad is bad
Wherever you lie, sleep in vain or tell stories untrue

Through assumptions, gossip, “God forbid malice upon any”                                                                                                                          We all want to be treated well and with good intentions                                                                                                                                     Help another, and you will receive help

In due time your kind acts will shine as all do
We all purge, battle, bleed alike
It’s how we forge through, through, and through it all

Purge, Purge, Purge again
So long we purge the aberrance, anger, hatred and poison
Sure, hard times come and hard times need actions finest

Just need we look for weakness, pass our poison upon they…

Judgement Passed Not!

"The Friends Stage" plaque, outside ...

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“To judge another is to judge yourself, as so to speak for another is to speak for yourself…”

Much Peace Friends,

Rich Aaron N. N.

New Year

“Don’t pull, tug or take; for if you seek with open heart, mind and soul…  Embrace you it will every damn time”

Much Peace, and Respect Friends,

R.A. “Noble” Norris


BEdita Home Page Screenshot

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“I Live for what  I write, and I Write for my live’s content!”

Tribute, “Ricky the Hitman Hatton”

Ricky Hatton!”

A man who, had and still fights for hist best efforts and for the crowd cheering him on; whether at home or watching in the arenas across the world (TV in person)?

This is a friend of mine found at Gorilla Productions on YouTube for a while longer; GorillaProductions03, is top notch boxing tributes, for all fighters retired or Pacquiou also, to Hatton and the late Gatti, who fought, Mickey Ward (yet many fighter highlights across the board with Gorilla Productions (YouTube, for a while longer).  Top notch videos, well done…

All Best and enjoy Friends

To Be Heard

Hearing aid

I live to Fight, to move On, Not to preach to Older, Only to Younger

Faith is Credence in and within any of us

Younger or Older we all move on through Life Always…

Enter Peacefully, Peacefully Leave Friends,

R. Noble, A. Norris

Over Due Thanks, Gratitude…

It’s been itching at me!  What you ponder a bit no doubt???

Well, the title explains a tad on my subject…  However, I have wanted to thank all the hospital workers not long ago.

I was hauled off, with police, firetruck, and a friggin’ ambulence.  I was briefly aware of things when the first responding EMS experts arrived; out of nowhere I went into a sort of unconciousness.

To be hauled off to a hospital ER is spooky, when it was as bad as I’d gotten…  As they always do, they put an IV into me, then admistered some strong meds.  However, I could only hear them speak faintly, but couldn’t respond.

I will keep things concise, try leaving my main message!  Message!  Which is:

“To all of the medical friends, and awesome nurses I had, all helped me pull through, I’m saying you all need to know in many ways you are loved and appreciated!”

Bible Study (via enigma33ish)

A Great Friend, amazing TALENT! Peace, R.A Noble

Eyes fixed at breast level. You want to know do I believe in God? Why do you care what I believe? It is you I question. You do not ask if I am good kind, loyal or trustworthy. Do I accept the bible’s truth? Straight faced you persist to know my “faith” As your godly hands venture up my leg. I look down at that table As if to see through it. Verify your actions. Only to see past lovers plus carved initials equals love. Does the Lord play footsy wi … Read More

via enigma33ish

Cholangiocarcinoma Met

New Hope Creek, looking west from rocks in the...

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Became occasionally Joy,

Hadn’t realized roots of source?

See!  Once I fought, fought and fought it,

Until nothing was retained at all???

It was a losing battle and, cancer its name!

Enamored in stoic shameful sickening lights!!!

Lights lit up with fire, burning in Asbestos,

Poison, poised in Vegas lights on a Strip;

Stripped of any fun, nothing of Entertainment…—-

See, I’d sought after what wasn’t there any longer…

It was dead; it was never, ever to run as a creek, stream, even a Trickle?

Once it ran, ran with vigor, vigorously, full…

Intent, hellbent on life, living a life full!

Tributaries, massive flow, intent, charm,

For FRIENDS they were, yet they had gone and Disappeared and gone?

Lights GONE as night they had shed, they’d shed all light!

No light were left, no cleanliness, no more streams left!!!

Cancer, nothing to smile upon, nothing to laugh at in joy…..—

As no joyful enamor, no lights left?

All gone, no friends, to light its path, all nourishment gone???

Lost as it were, as it had become gone, as it has left to a place stripped!

No more was it to be seen, to become, to be a friend!

What damaged most if all and if any, were its lights gone…—–

Tributaries gone, trickles no longer???

It tried hard, friends left and gone knowing nothing?

Not to care longer, not to care at all!

Never to care, the damage they’d gloated in, in such bane and wicked intent!

Wicked, sickening intent, in the friends they once were to only have left???

Cowards to not know the damage fear and tears of which they’d left!

Left upon open, opened, still unhealed, only to open to deadly infection, intent…—

Never, rivers to run, to run as the once brave, stoic, enamored lit STREAMS!

Appreciated, spoken of well, Appreciated, always and always with intent true!;-)

Historical friendship, truth of it all, friends gone, tears shed and gone…

It had all left, Never to know, the loss left, never to give a hell as it were gone!

Robbed it were, robbed it became a dark and lonely place…

It mattered no longer; it became a river of nothing and left itself?

Itself, itself, itself tried and attempted to grow and grow back hellbent!

Intent to only serve up nothing…  Ever again, traces gone, trickles gone?

Lights out, enamored I say light it up bitte???

Bitte, lights beseech and seek, only to trickle to nothing, no more!

Only gone, gone with sickening intent, as it were, as it were, as it were…—-

As it were, only left, as it were stricken with fear, stricken!

It only knew how to beseech itself in lights left and gone…–

Gone as it were, smiling with; as a joke!

I think now, I only think near its end; what joke is this?

AS it were, I swore!  I swore to fight it, upon its new arrival!

Unexplained, Unexplained, I don’t know I don’t know???

What does this fiendish foe of sickening and sickening fear bring!

All of these staunch, memories of broken paths entail?

Gone, entertained, streams, lights out, fear and all has left!

Only Fear its enamor, joke,

Fiendish foe in friendship, to leave me Stricken

Gone are my lights, gone my trickles, and left out stripped elements……—-

~R.A. “Noble” Norris


“A man should not be measured by effort in all, what really counts is what effort is on the inside.  Do you really care, or act the part?”

I’m certain it’s been said in some way, maybe as such?  It’s a quote I was feeling at the time…——–

Peace All,

R.A. noble

A Glimpse Unnerving, Undeserved

Violent water below Niagara Falls Photographer...

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From a streams rapids,

Before they pounced and crushed;

All of the rocks, underneath!

Knowing  not their soon to come falls?

Still they came, the rocks intruded opon…

Water pounced, assumed to know the rocks?

Then carried all their knowledge of the boulders

Dismay, unnaproving host to tell all about I rocks once brushed!

Streams pouncing on rocks bottom, rudely unnanounced…—–

You’ve been this stream;

Only to know me on whim unfair, stick around briefly,

In a streams falls upon rocks to then move downstream.

This has been you!

A friend(s) claiming to be there for you when not.

But they only catch glipses of a darkened cave

Their stream only to judge my worst…——-

My jaw drops friend, my jaw drops friend…———

You Abandoned me in my needs;

Once I helped you a plethora of times thick and thin.

Upon you never returning the favor.

Don’t see me from a glimpse as water meeting rocks briefly?

To all be loyal fans of one another, loyal friends as should be…

I see peace, kind gestures only now?

Please know the rapids, make up thoroughly;

Prior to judgement passed on anyone, as it’s hurtful assumptions…

I see daylight, I see Daylight upon my being…

Soon to be freed, from the thorns you placed inside and out!

~R.A. Noble

Johnnie Walker

Johnnie Walker Family

Image by BrotherMagneto via Flickr

I had thought, escaped perhaps?

Escape to blissful relaxation, if only a moment?

Taste, taste on palate, on critics mine!

My palate approves as such my audience within I…——

Once in a while, Johnnie, and myself relax to a few tunes,

Maybe a movie?

Perhaps a book, or while editing writings, muses;

Thirst in need of quench, yearning for good times.

So, I call to a good friend, one who’s got my shot on top!

As I reach for my “Johnnie WalkerGreen Label Premium Label.

It’s shot glass atop mountain calls…—–

Something worth scaling time and again!

Yet only in moderation, in yearning for taste not amount…

A true connoisseur, in it’s arts, it’s broken down in parts for me;

The pouring, the scent, sense of smell, taste, and burn going down!

After a shot or two for sheer enjoyment, I part thee.

Another day I say to the premium whiskey?

Next, maybe a nice ale, Hefeweizen, dark ale, light draft, lager?

To enjoy a beverage, upon scarce times…

Always enjoyed, enveloped for what it is and nothing more!

Good times are never to be over looked!

My higher self, gently imparts to me……..———–;-)

~R.A. Noble


can’t control it, all and this appalling, quite shocking!

What to do when you are a, rock hard place…

It chips away once in a while!

only what it can enter in through!

choose it wise, to might up and up,

positive nature of mind is a gift!

On the  up and up I see

I see myself flying!————




To be grateful for a little bit of mere crumbs to eat, is to really be grateful for everything that counts; and a person who is strong without question shows ardor truest…——  R.A.Nobility.N.








"PG-13" rating of Motion Picture Ass...

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Ever have one of those moments?  One…—One where everything you do is off?  Frustration sets in like ink blotted on a fresh canvas… 

Today, I was going about my day and running from here to there!  When I set about looking for my keys I’d lost that day?  Luckily I’d gotten a spare set earlier, but nothing like that good luck pair, so it seems; perhaps like that lucky hat, Jewelry? 

What I began doing was lifting up my “Field and Stream” magazine, “Cabellas Catalog,” some of the dumb shit places I thought my dumb ass could have set them?  So after doing this and that for what seemed a few minutes, when 2 hours had ticked by; common sense said: “Hey dumb ass, look in your pocket, or where you usually keep them?”

I did just this!  Found them, but it wasn’t until much later, through much unneeded bullshit???  Well I’m here to tell ya’s, when you let your mind go to wandering mode, to a place of stuck in the middle of nowhere with a can of shit to drink, think, think, think…——

I take that back, for if you think more, you’ll just fill up on more shit in cans, in the middle of nowhere…

Okay, this post is a bit PG-13 I’d guess!  Oh well, I suppose what I’m getting at is patience is what counts, what matters most…  To step back, quiet your rambling, mashed up brain it does seem, and think of nothing.  Fade off to a place where all is numb; not in a bad way, yet a great way, so that you are numb to life’s stressors like lost keys, misplaced mail, or I forgot to feed the kids right on time…  They can wait for a little while more one day of the month, the keys don’t matter all that much, you’ve got a backup plan for all this shite!  Just think who gives a shit, when you don’t it won’t give a crap about you.  Then you’ll be dealing with no unnecessary shit…

Patience!  What is it?  To have it in your already busy mind, full of rocks and all the other shit in there, that oh: “I’ve got to locate my keys, but actually think I’ll let my keys find me this time!”  It’s always those moments we think that cliché: “wow it was right under my nose, and all that work, worrying and frustration was a bunch of crap, all for not!”  And We Always kick ourselves every time right…——;-)

Being busy is overrated; doing too much is overrated, especially these days, and with all the newest gadgets floating about!  Wow, did you see the latest Iphone, Ipod, Ipad???  How about we just think, I don’t give a shit once in a while and kick our feet back?  I’d F bomb it, but I’m ahead, so I’ll say add to that once in a while, screw technology, or computers for a bit, who gives a bloody shite!  Just act a fool once in a blue moon, but be sure she’s not looking or whomever!  Kind of like getting your hand caught in the cookie jar?   A little too cocky and we don’t want that, but yet again who gives a shit so long it’s not all the time???

Next time I lose or misplace something, be it my credentials, passport, this or that, I’m certain I’ll throw all this out the window!  However to plant the idea, the seed is the crucial part…  Next time you lose something let it find you; by all means it may be crucial to locate, but it won’t be found under stressors or such?  Hence the term we so often hear: “Dumb Luck!”  You weren’t looking for it and it not for you…  Still it was pinned down and caught in the act trying to hide from you, when on a whims notice, hell no notice, you say: “you dumb son of a bitch I’ve got ya’s.”  Until the next “stumble” I suppose?

Talking isn’t just verbal, and listening isn’t just the simple act of acting the part!  Live life like you mean it I would say, would think…  Do the things you care about, that make a difference!  Not just to benefit you, but those you love or care about. 

In life’s end it is all about what legacy we choose to leave behind, why the hell else are we here?  For fun, just for the hell of it right?  God I hope not, or I’m screwed, like many of us I’m sure???

Slow the reel, be wise, pay attention, listen and shut up and mean it; be real and relax knowing you’re lucky to have all you do…  If you can’t do that, just feel lucky to just be alive!

Rise Above

Stream Flowing into Russell Cave

Image by J. Stephen Conn via Flickr

Once it flowed,

Provided wealth;

From under it flowed.

Vibrations it produced,

As it ran from just a tad underneath

It rapidly began to seep above….—–

“Beyond Manifesting, Beyond Comprehension”

“I am not certain what inkling, within I created this notion???”

People say cliché’s such as, “don’t look back only ahead, or move forward…”  “Cleanliness is next to Godliness” we’ve all heard.

What usually does one hear!  When those they love, care for, or perhaps even acquaintances fight?

“The Tension in Here is so Thick, I could Cut it With a Knife,” it is suffocation, detrimental despondency; completely the banes in life.  Would it not be lovely, inspiring, or even freedom for one, “hell; all of us” to not ever need deal with this shit at all?  The garbage, fights on occasion, even disagreements across the board, throughout life’s facets just gone; need we ever deal with trash again and again…

Lately I’ve been inspired due to my fatal disease, I need not embellish or bitch about; try to control my life best I can?  Can I do more, can it be faulted when you, I and we all try our best; in all we face which be difficult, sometimes seemingly impossible to get past in present dealings with it???

“Life Indeed Mashes All of Us in Life!”

“It’s how we bounce back, and I’m far, far from perfect!”  Nor am I the “best” soul I could be, and not only I feel life’s road bumps or hardships…  “We All FACE Life’s Tenacious Banes at times seeming all too discouraging?!?”

If we look in our mirror, inside us to trash ourselves, put ourselves down???  What happens?  I suppose we generally all deal differently in this light, some don’t now, which is great as they possess “TRUE, ARDOR.”  However, generally these, manifestations in thought begin to take us…——-

We are all too important, all with greatness in ourselves to do such things!

As well, I feel what we give out or get, is from who we are to those around us…—–“What are we putting out there?”  Are we treating those we give a damn about, worth just that; are we talking them up, lifting them?  I feel just as our actions breed, what actions were given out, so do we influence one another this way…  Sadly if negative things, complaints, even simple things “we may think,” are not so good ever? Yes, Yes, Yes, Unfortunately: “all can oft-times, sadly get worse!”

However, greatness, breeds greatness, love, to love!  “If” We believe in those we love and care for, or give a shit about, “wow!!!”  What great things come back; what great things we give out when inspired by our parties, our loved ones or friends…—–;-)

From now forth and as I’ve always strived, yet failed as we all do, and slip; I no more, no more wish to put myself down or any at all!  Especially those we love in life all too difficult, without support from all angles (Especially Loved Souls in Our Lives)?!?

Something I know!  I’ve met many great, wonderful and inspiring, positive souls, kindred spirits all over, and on WordPress especially.  This reminds me, writing, lifting, boxing, girls in their loves growing up and even now; these are all genius outlets!  “They help pay with Generosity…——-”

I’ll end on a note ahead!  “Get Back what YOU Give!”  Let it be your best, our best, to wipe the slate clean!  Start artistry in life, the best in life and beyond all we do; inspiring all!  There’s a saying the Dalai Lama said not long ago: “Change Yourself, if you Wish to Change Another First.”  Wisdom is at its finest now Friends………..————;-)

Much Peace Friends, Noble;-)

“Never quit, when you’ve got the motivation and craving to be your best!”


Once Outside Myself

Every new beginning comes from some other begi...
Image by legends2k via Flickr

It once occurred to myself;

Enter only to exit…

Recall the exit!

A mirror of one’s entrance?

Don’t stare too long!

Privy enough to Account…

See inside the spirit,

Many others,

Seeing they as yourself;

Wanting true Altruism for all…

Important to see yourself in this picture.

Hero’s exist to form future…

Noble’s are formed of they!

See thyself as direction…

Altering life…———

All living for God‘s…

Meditation higher purpose self;

Buddha to smiles…

~R. A. Noble


Never Quit!

Richard Hatton (also called Ricky Hatton) trai...

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Tribute to a true hero, a fighter to the bitter damn end…  Can’t help but respect guts, never backing down from life’s fights…  Dedicated to “Ricky the Hitman Hatton!”

To this day, nobody has come as close to kicking Mayweather’s ass!  To this day, I pray someone hands his ass to him (Mayweather), the guy is too cocky…

Tenacious \”Ricky Hitman Hatton\”

Tattooed Monk in bangkok, city of angles

“Those who have enough, generally gave enough…  They continue to give no matter what!;-) ;-)”

“Don’t hide anger in it, but if we choose to not take anger in…  Then what gives anger credence, if we choose to cool the flames; then no explosion, mushroom cloud, serenity no destruction…”

~Much Peace,

R. Noble

Crazy Notion!

To change another, is a crazy notion…  The Dalai Lama once said: “If you desire to change another’s path/life, change yourself first.”  What his lesson taught and teaches one, is that as human beings, when we see change!  Especially that of someone we care for, it generally alters our life for the better…  Especially when we see those we care deeply for, change for what we deem as their best, becoming their best.  See…..———Then we wish to follow suit for all of the right reasons………..——–

~R. A. Noble

It’s Been a While

Most People Succeed... Because They Are Determ...

Tune stuck in my head!


High School Graduation;

Summer of 95 was great huh?

Good ole days we call em’ now…

Use to feel untouchable!

Now out of college on our own,

Got our own families, kids, jobs…….——

Sometimes it feels or seems—-

Life is living us all,

Should  never be that way!

Today I found that old dopey coin,

Recall it?

Hell, as I recall you tossed it,

Saying keep the damn thing.

“I don’t need it anyways, stoically.”

I guess, I didn’t think it too corny then;

First thing I did was to laugh like hell!

I thought, hell, I’ll make a wish on this today!

I’ll leave it all to the coin and myself—-

All I know!  Is I want badly to finish out strong!

Headwater coming at me strong!

Waves are rocking and pouncing….—

I’m in my fancy gig, got my oars cinched in.

I’m cuttin’ the waves and flowing into the vast seas.

I figure, so long as “I row, row hard and fast,”

Even in conditions from hell!

It’ll work out well, so long I fight like an S.O.B……..—————–

-R.A. Noble

Being Dumb

Wise Old Man

Image by Ⓖraham via Flickr

“Success hasn’t given up on one, two, three or four!  One and two failed to reach success because they bantered around as fools; trying to light a fire with a pencil…  Three and four didn’t fail, for they lit the fire and walked slowly amidst it…  For one to be wise is to conquer their fears, in light of those fears that hold them back…..——–“

“They say to banter with oneself is to become a fool, for a wise old man is wise because he is old and he listens to the entire process not just within him but others…——–“

“To become successful you cannot fear failure, but please don’t be one or two.”

“A smile a day keeps the assholes away!;-) ;-)”

“Greed breeds greed”

“A product, or company, or such is only as good as it’s production!————–“

Peace, R.A.N.;-)

Banter Myself

Rowing a boat in Switzerland.

I began to talk with him

With my higher self

Told me to get the boat

Put into the Vast Ocean

Said row hard, fast and swiftly

Not to stop, hell no guide said

For thee will see “Grand Sites”

Wonders not imagined ever

As I heard this, I almost didn’t catch it

I did though, I did

Kept I rowing did I

Stopped at palaces along my way

Rested in sheer gloss comfort

I had enough food too, all I needed

So Kept I Rowing I did

Got tired fast and soon

swiftly I stopped

Despondent initially

I knew I’d given it all I had

This was what gave me bliss at end

~Rich Aaron Norris

Cease Problems

heart attack anatomy

“Cease running from your problems, as they will never go away and just may rot you to the core; never cease chase after them and attack with precision!”


Smear Attempt!

Writing «Shit_happens»

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Marked in blood, they drip as wounds, for the foe they follow.  For the foe they have become, is no less than a cowards abberance even in their sickening denial………….———–To what, to whom do I owe one ounce credibility to this fiendish mixed flak?  As I ponder, scrape, scrounge, beating my head, my souls pulchritudinous “SELF!”  Wow do I ever question, as I begin to theologize in most baneful respect!  For only a plagued soul of condemned nature would ever, even begin to bethink with such sickening lack for respect. Upon another’s deep and heartfelt tribulations of critical inventive “musing of thick, thickening natures!”

Only would such that of a “Fiendly,” foolish foe, becoming only that of a fool!  Bathing in their own disgust and stench become so consumed as such; especially by that of one, who “be they gifted, within great facets, fields or such things they do touch the sky with, not wishful thinking, yet true and truthful efforts…  Never must any, any vast body of true spirit who be, become tried and true, especially efforts given to “Gods, ever be questioned by that of a fools notion.”  To be held against ones legacies, of which they venture, is a fools legacy of which they impart upon thee, upon us, upon many; duly at ones travels is only notions of that of a brave, soul filled to spilling over with ardor and true spirit!

For a brave soul, on such that of a “Staunch” path is no less!  Yet……………————–

A coward is no soul, only a fiend with lack of soul, lack of ardor or spirit; as they launch knife upon knife, after knife!  At that of such able-bodied, and giving of souls.  A truly altruistic, kind-hearted nature always…

To whom, what or why and really how is it a fool, such being that of a coward; where, or whence and by what travels do they embark upon, if any at all?  Notably or rather, most noted no embargo, no paths of worth or ever to be, never, ever to be or become noted as any path to be revered whatsoever.  A fools path they took, a stooge as they tripped and fell to the ground!  Never given a lift back up to damage ardor most notable, never must they be given a fools lifted chance again.  For only a fool would lift another fool back to his feet, and even the fool loses this debilitating entrapment; for the fool and coward he lifts, will only serve a knife into his back just the same!  For a coward who rewards, as he laughs upon failure will never change, and cancer of a slow agonizing death is kinder in nature always!

Two faced they have been, to only stay as such!  Trust in a foolish coward, is only wise if you are a vast coward and without ardor, skill or worth, in spirit or soul and character???

Characters of such degrade, such bane, must serve a purpose towards us who try; us whom fight for our beliefs, our ardor and tenacity we would expect to be at least respected…  Oh Yeah!——-

We must use the fools knives, the cowards disregard for all anyone attempts, those whom stick us without a care in the world; which, yes we always feel, and hurt but we always heal!  We must take their foolish, cowardice knife by force of handle, pull it out from our backs, and if at all applicable, must we also always help a friend in a situation as ours.

To always, afterwards, hence, become better, and yes!  Even more trusting, yet, cautious here to fore, recalling the way a coward and fool utilizes ones unjust methods; yet, always stay true to ourselves, craft, great natures be they vast, many and always to be counted……………————-Constructive or even unconstructive and at times not knowing the words or proclamations they profess!  Strength still resides and strives to improve infinitely true, without waiver, discouragement or stoic, yet brave revere always!

Sincere Best,


Vast Darkness

Tenzin Gyatso, the fourteenth and current Dala...

Image via Wikipedia

“Without respect for yourself, you become your own fiendish destruction; essentially destroying, crippling yourself, to just driving the stake of destruction into your soul…  Faith, belief, and even healthy love of one’s self, are all “ESSENTIAL” for one to pave and make their way through life all too rough at times!  Just as a healthy love and respect of one’s self, a healthy and worthy understanding of one’s self is noted for success, well………——-So to is the way we choose to look at others, the impact, whether positive or negative of which we have on others and especially, even those we may first view as strangers in our passing’s by and no doubt, friends, but of course loved ones always, always friends!  A wise man, “His Holiness,” the “Dalai Lama” once said in his book, I believe to be the “Art of Happiness?” “Change yourself first if you wish to steer another for the better!”


Holocaust Memorial

Image by lanier67 via Flickr


Without hate there would be no crime,

Racism would crumble to dust,

Pessimism would turn to optimism,

War would become obsolete,

Pride would give humility its due time,

Self-degradation would be without a doubt totally irrational,

Fear would have no light,

Possibilities would become realities and

Love would grow indefinitely…


Bliss? A Quip, Valid Realization?

Ignorance is bliss

Image by fnurl via Flickr

“It’s been said, Ignorance is Bliss…—Yet, is it Bliss if void, so Stoic that Empathy is a Question Mark to one”


*To a great weekend all, and nothing short of success!  Peace, all Best and Stay Well all!  In dedication, hopefulness: “That a FRIEND will get well and be rid of any and all cancer and over a baneful operation; sending my best at you buddy!”

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Collections of Muses

The Vow of Heroism

Image by alykat via Flickr

“A Life Lived is a Life Earned!——”

“Bravery in defeat is no less than heroic defeat taken well…”

“To know How to Win, one MUST find loss, and to know Defeat or loss; is to become acquainted with winning!”

“A collection of Ascension into Valleys, is met in ones decline from its peak, but without a fight it’s not Ascension…—–”

“A win is a win, a loss is a loss, but it’s all said and done in how one takes it in…——–“

Service is a Vague Translation… Minds Make Us Complete! ;-)

Main complications of persistent high blood pr...

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Stoic some are, sadly if without qualities unique to a beautiful life worth living…

I’m a firm believer in “Altruism/Selflessness” yet so many shut down here. Everywhere you look in life, good, in-betweeners, or fence sitters (crass terms really, I view most as wanting no trouble, or neutral), and sadly some evil. One quote I’ve said in past, long back is: “Regardless of the Mask you Choose to Hide Behind Good is no less, yet Evil is no less than Bane” (lucky we are, most all of humanity has that innate and monumental soul inside to utilize in life)…

It would be a hell of a world if there were no wars, fights of evil circumstance(s), over nothing, needless suffering, not caring for others; as someone who’s fought hell off in my own ways as we all have at times, I firmly believe in altruism or selflessness if you wish? After all if we could get along well, imagine what a difference in light and vast void of darkness gone among all!

I’ve lived with many trials, yet never put myself above another’s suffering; would trade with many at the drop of a needle into a haystack! I think many feel this, where it all means something is, how we utilize this info!?!?

I feel all of us in this giant maze of a world, can and do relate in vast ways; if only we could share more, and by doing so, we share, share and again, share our admired voice(s) by others. We all have the capability to uplift another??? They interpret this as service and nobody can dog you for serving anyone or any worthy cause… “I dedicate this rough quickly pubd. peace if you will or piece to the many friends I have who love and serve me without question! Anyone can fit the profile here, and most do, I know many encourage I and I dedicate again (sorry for the repetition); not just to the simple few, but all who enlighten me for the best!

Strange it may seem, or sound but to be stricken ill at a prime age, in my best shape has been strange “AGAIN,” and vastly hard. I , “Used” to be in “massively yet humble” shape physically, and it kept me up and was my religion/outlet if you like? When diagnosed with highly fatal auto immune disease, high blood pressure in early twenties, and a slew of other stuff(excuse me), hospitalizations, procedures/operations/and enough already; atrophy killing my job as a personal trainer which has always been hard… We all want to go back and have do overs or not get sick or you name it right? Strangely, I feel my disease has made me a better person, more caring and definitively altruistic and a big believer in treating all well, even the rude ones. “Don’t take it, but don’t dish it back out…——;-)”

If any touch me in a light I see brightly, I don’t dim it and sure as heck don’t turn it off! Props to all the great doc’s and medical staff, I don’t know what I’d do without it/them all and my loved ones no doubt! Dreams never die, sometimes they just get set on the back burner for a spell, but beauty we can all cook up in our own ways of vast, vast voices/minds! Blessings, Bliss n’ Peace Indeed Friends, R.;-)

Pale Beauty

Wild white Roses

His continence pale and flushed

In life he gave all he had

Was it enough to give him righteous credence

Now life gone and six under it

In his end his countenance was bright

They gathered and came together

Celebrating his life, he’d made a difference

Now he’s cemented in roses blooming white

To die is a baneful part of life

However, the way it glues us all

Sometimes to know life we must know death

I will be around, I will never die


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Another Quote


“Either we slow our thoughts down, or they slow us down fast!”

“Our THOUGHTS always become us so strive for best no flak on yourself, know all are good at heart”

Unknown Auto-Immune Fatal Disease

CT scan showing cholangiocarcinoma. Released i...

Image via Wikipedia

“To be kept at bay, to be even drowned in a pool of blood, tears and the like, is truly a disease let alone such that of an ordeal with too damn much!

Kept at bay with what?  An auto immune disease, of very high danger and fatality percentages!  The name of this life’s back stabber is called: “Primary Sclerosing Cholangitis” or “PSC” for short.  Why is it so incredibly dangerous and filled with such fear in the medical community, and even in my own case?  Basically it is a disease again, by way of “Auto Immune Disease, and is incredibly a massive bully far too often, which has killed many and some of them (friends, PSC,ers we call one another, a rare community with small number cases) I’ve known and it’s never easy, “Never…” It ranges in severity or forgiveness if you will from case to case! However, you can go from stage 1-4 or liver failure and death at any moment in time.  It’s always a worry back in my mind, but I have to brush it aside to live…

How many have this disease?  I can’t give an exact figure, yet when I was diagnosed, at the time in the best physical shape of my life.  I had read somewhere that only 6,000 cases existed or were known!  It’s no joke that this auto immune disease is very, very, “extremely rare!”  As well it deserves more attention, many have had the rug pulled from under their treatment, because their insurance is taken?  After so many operations for me, I’ve had my max dose…  Only so many times can you go through hell?  Also, not enough really truly care I feel, or pay mind and Dr.’s even seem to blow you off at times…  This is documented within PSC support.  I’m certain if anyone had it, no doubt it would be investigated tenaciously?  It’s a disease of chronic debilitating pain, unknown largely, as it is rarely researched and misunderstood vastly!  Crucial is it to be documented case to case as they differ (each case).  Too many heart breaking hoops to jump through, all for help???  Someone to listen, it’s not just cancer that kills, and many other diseases fit this profile!  It is a scary fiend to share your life with!

I try daily to be at my best in spite of this garbage disease, this baneful foe…  I love to consume my diet in life with writing, altruistic qualities, and doing my best?  In the hard version I’ve been handed off and so many friends sharing PSC?  How long have I been living with this fiendish cancer of a disease; well as I’d stated I was in the best shape of my life!  When all of a sudden I started getting sick, feeling horrible, abhorrent really and just unexplained!  At the young age of 30 or thereabouts, which I am now 6 plus years post; most doctors give a patient with this disease no longer to live than ten years or less…  My specialist had once stated you, “Rich” are very fortunate, as we have caught this disease early.  Stating this is why you are alive and well friend!  A vast and large, prolific number, begin their struggle and fight with PSC at a very advanced disease placement!  Which sadly is a very fatal and highly carcinogenic disease?  I am supposed to be checked for “Cholangiocarcinoma” every 3 months!  Do entertain it?  After hospitalizations, near death experiences, I am jaded.  Can I be blamed?  I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy…

Many hospital visits, stays and the like; have been lived by my person? I’ve undergone, so much bullshit and hardships related to my disease or caused by it…  I’ve gone pretty obviously down…  I’ve was hospitalized once after my initial operation.  Due to severe complications, which lead to a life threatening small bowel and liver infection!  Where I was under extreme care and right after my disease, of newly diagnosed liver PSC by way of ERCP!

The past year, of 2010 alone, I was hospitalized 4 times and 2 of the 4 times, I was knocking on death’s door…  My last admission was frightful; I feared I’d not return home…  I was admitted by way of:  “was delivered if you will by way of ambulance,” and a caravan of others, whom had me into the ER within “5 minutes.”  Which by way of car, normally took around 30 minutes?  I had not passed out, yet had dropped my blood pressure; as well-being in horrible agonizing pain!  I could hear them; the “first responders, or medics in the ambulance,” however barely, I mean barely could I Respond.  Due to severe Anemia and shock from the PSC…  Again a misunderstood disease, I feel out of ignorance by some, and this shouldn’t happen, it shouldn’t be overlooked!

Upon being admitted into the largest hospital near me.  I was literally in full-blown shock for two days easily, once some of their darn medicines kicked in.  I do recall some now as it was extremely hard and painful as hell!  I had even prayed at that point, Hey “Big Man” Please don’t let me suffer in my pain, and feel in a way I was answered…   At least by someone who watched over me (PSC kills easily)?  One of my nurses, Jen, I will refer to her, out of respect and in anonymity.  She was the most caring, altruistic Nurse and gal I’ve ever had to treat me and well!  I mean very, (very well she did so) and made me feel so damn awesome and that someone gave a damn about me!  Feeling so truly cared for…  She was gorgeous as well, (wow) inside out which is rare in medicine!  Never forgotten this blissful angel…——-

They only knew vague symptoms upon my arrival, such as internal bleeding, throwing up nonstop for around 2 to 3 days…  Even in spite of receiving every medication under the sun for stopping these ugly and painful symptoms!  Throwing up blood and completely clear bile and feeling as battery acid dumped down your throat, and internal system.  Thus what lead to my very grim outlook and hampering symptoms!  PSC of my liver as it has many often fatal side effects on its own, such as my 2-3 day’s throwing up nothing but blood, and bile and barely knowing up from down…  Water, even ice, especially any food would refuse staying down (nothing for days)!  All nutrients delivered through IV for several days or more, and I was so sick I barely knew what was going on???

They were stumped a bit, but the doctors on my case were not qualified to diagnose my stacks of symptoms!  They were just not familiar with PSC or ERCP’s (liver scopes/operations on bile ducts) or my diseases complications?  A doctor “right in front of me, asked another what is PSC or ERCP’s (not comforting at all)?”  Also, a vast, I mean vast, vast number of ER doctors and even good, reputable doctors, have to ask what is PSC, what are LFT’s (liver function tests, mandatory, before you’re too far gone)?  “Bile duct operations thus far, I’ve undergone 12 or more in attempt to fix; undo whatever they can or will?”  Which too oft at times is not much fixed or salvaged?  The only known cure, which often is prolonging life, as the disease can come back even more aggressive!  Is a “liver transplant or donor of that/this organ which is a worthy gift, to be One who Gives Life…” “I have the utmost respect for donors; “God Bless Them All For Certain!” Friends I know now with PSC, and one who recently had a transplant.  “Whom prior, was in very seriously bad condition physically” and mentally as the disease wipes one to a bane…  It can kill at any moment unannounced; everyone takes it differently (immune systems differ)?

Anyhow, many, many patients with PSC even if not cured by way of Organ donor transplant Successfully (without remission) as no cure is known now?  Extends their life and even quality of life for commonly, vast years to come…  I feel very glad to know my friend is okay and doing much better after her transplant!  It’s something I fear for myself, or bile duct cancer, and worsening of my bile ducts, not to be undone!  Also it’s a disease, which I feel without, my soul; spirit would not be for the better.  For I feel, I know I appreciate all so much more than prior in life…

All of you whom have even scanned my words, read my articles and the like?  Even going so far to research PSC (THANKS) and even donate; to the PSC fund-raiser campaign!  This can be done at: and I will say in advance you can donate a dollar, 2, 5, 10, 20, even a large amount, if you wish?  However even one dollar, 2 or five will be vastly, and so sincerely, adeptly thankful for by myself, and no doubt all involved in living with PSC!  I also, wish to say to all of you!  Not only do I just give a damn about myself or just think one disease takes us all the same as we all endure life’s bumps?  I wish to leave you with a Buddhist Mantra! “Om Tare Tuttare Ture Mama Ayuh Punya Jñana Pustim Kuru Svaha) the “White Tara Mantra” associated with long life, insight, blessings……..——

Just hope and pray and always wish to educate even Dr.’s of the examples, side effects, dangers and foe I know all too well as others with me…  We only, as others seek a cure if possible, as any other disease.  Yet God knows I’d give my life to cure it all man, cure it all friends; warfare, disease, famine, hunger, despondency…

Arturo Gatti, the Legend Rest Well Friend…

Rest in peace

Image by Chamber of Fear via Flickr

Dear friends…  Many of you may not know much of boxing, but it’s something I’ve loved for a long time?  Sometimes, just because we know not something; it just can’t void out the importance, the credence involved in it, whatever it may be?

This article is a tribute in all honesty, and not just one fighter, who they called “Arturo Blood n’ Guts, Thunder Gatti,” but all fighters who are unstoppable and like Gatti!  Just saw the movie, “The Fighter” with “Mark Whalberg” who plays “Irish Mickey Ward,” another idol or role model to me as Gatti, the late was to me…  Gatti was murdered  under foul play!  Sad day… He passed away on, April 15 1972 to July 11, 2009

Gatti, who won 40 of his 49 professional fights, including 31 by knockout, was raised in Montreal but became a star in Atlantic City, where he won his first title. He moved to New Jersey in 1991 and delighted crowds there until his retirement in 2007.

Read more:

Gatti, who was unstoppable, and got up and up and up!  A referee, “Randy Neumann” recalls below.

“I couldn’t stop that fight, simply because he was Arturo Gatti,” Neumann said. “He was much more dignified to go out that way. He had to be counted out. When he fought, you never knew if he could come back. He looked beaten and still came back.” –Boxing Referee Randy Neumann

You’re missed champ, many fans loathed this news, more like baneful news  for all fans!  The late great, “Gatti” will be missed, by me especially and fans just as much…  Rest well Bro, Champ!  Can’t say much more, just that you didn’t deserve what occurred and fight on friend, fight on, always missed you are!

-Peace, Gatti,

A loyal Fan Still and Always: R.;-)

Name, Gatti, Arturo. Alternative names. Short description. Date of birth, April 15, 1972. Place of birth, Calabria, Italy. Date of death, July 11, 2009

Read more:

Courtesy ESPN, Randy Neumann, Dan Rafael an ESPN Correspondent, and the and too many to name, like the millions of fans of Gatti…

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Lost Equation

“Sometimes some think they know, who you are! However they never spent time with you; hell, they never looked you eye to eye!!!”

The Liebster Blog Award

The Liebster Blog Award.


We Fight the Same

Bleed Together

Image via Wikipedia

To what ends of the globe can we travel?

Oft times finding the same ugly environment wrapped creatively…

Only to pull out our best selves is all the salve we need friends…

No better feeling than being needed

Serve I desire, not to be served to

We all live breath, bleed, and die the same in life…

~R.A. Noble Norris


“Trapped I’ve robbed from myself life given me”

~Rich A Noble Norris

Must we allow credence within any of us, to go unnanounced?

Don’t assume one if any told you what the hell to do to better youselve’s?

They always had it in them, for the downfall of you as grave insujtice.

Jelousy, must they hide away as in a box?

Just because they find you a threat upon some level selfishly!

I truly believe, if we could all love each other, appreciate others;

This world would be not only elation, bliss, but to no greater avail than success.

To triumph under pressure, when near death, feeling alone, marks a true hero,

I have been a many of advocates, as the real me loves to fight injustice anywhere!

Injustice?  Upon what foundry, what slate?  Jesus, justice for us all, God knows

We are all headed in the same direction(s).  It’s our intent to make others proud of us.

May we shine, to find they will shine as well, no matter what the cost, no matter who?

Who the hell ever be in charge, or even I six under it all, it’s our legacy which counts.

Mine happens to be my beyond any words to express, my writing, my;

To recall why I ever quit writing myself, is too difficult to say I gave up at my best!

College, even High School Ap English/Writing courses, I accelled to be just heard through

Teachers on AP H.S. Level and College level, in way beyond my writing requirements, my major was journalism, I could picture myself having hold on for life, over in Iraq

Bringing stories of my top perfection in fairness, to honestly love and bring out best…


Rich A Noble Norris

Quote on Beliefs…

A local church building built by Independent B...

Image via Wikipedia

“Coincide with your own beliefs!  Don’t tally against others with your crap…”

Infinite Brother


Hey bro!  Been down and out to have your infinite love and support; can’t repay!  All I can do is sweat blood and tears for you, even in severe illness still life is awesome…  What a damn trip it all seems?

Got your back as you’ve got mine kid!  Love doing old school shit together man, and we’ve had some hard knocks.  One thing I know is my brother I always pray and wish best for, under the filthy jive…

Keep on Keepin’ on E!

-Bro Rich A. Noble N.




Image by Aurelijus Valeiša via Flickr

Sorry it’s been a while guys!  Mangled my dominant hand, can;t even lift it!  In splint/cast. Hope I’m well enough soon to write…

Frieden, R.A.Noble Norris

End Road

Alpine Road and Highway 1.

“I suppose that when our road meets end, here or there?  One must bulldoze a fresh and oft times new road and path…”


Wednesday for Waterfalls

I use to fight! Fight to keep em’ all at bay or out of reach… Now I fight for a noble legacy, a blissful fight to my bitter end; I just hope it turns sweeter friends! To now fight for their well being… As we all do!

~Rich A. N.N.

A Glimpse Unnerving, Undeserved

A Glimpse Unnerving, Undeserved.