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Ever have one of those moments?  One…—One where everything you do is off?  Frustration sets in like ink blotted on a fresh canvas… 

Today, I was going about my day and running from here to there!  When I set about looking for my keys I’d lost that day?  Luckily I’d gotten a spare set earlier, but nothing like that good luck pair, so it seems; perhaps like that lucky hat, Jewelry? 

What I began doing was lifting up my “Field and Stream” magazine, “Cabellas Catalog,” some of the dumb shit places I thought my dumb ass could have set them?  So after doing this and that for what seemed a few minutes, when 2 hours had ticked by; common sense said: “Hey dumb ass, look in your pocket, or where you usually keep them?”

I did just this!  Found them, but it wasn’t until much later, through much unneeded bullshit???  Well I’m here to tell ya’s, when you let your mind go to wandering mode, to a place of stuck in the middle of nowhere with a can of shit to drink, think, think, think…——

I take that back, for if you think more, you’ll just fill up on more shit in cans, in the middle of nowhere…

Okay, this post is a bit PG-13 I’d guess!  Oh well, I suppose what I’m getting at is patience is what counts, what matters most…  To step back, quiet your rambling, mashed up brain it does seem, and think of nothing.  Fade off to a place where all is numb; not in a bad way, yet a great way, so that you are numb to life’s stressors like lost keys, misplaced mail, or I forgot to feed the kids right on time…  They can wait for a little while more one day of the month, the keys don’t matter all that much, you’ve got a backup plan for all this shite!  Just think who gives a shit, when you don’t it won’t give a crap about you.  Then you’ll be dealing with no unnecessary shit…

Patience!  What is it?  To have it in your already busy mind, full of rocks and all the other shit in there, that oh: “I’ve got to locate my keys, but actually think I’ll let my keys find me this time!”  It’s always those moments we think that cliché: “wow it was right under my nose, and all that work, worrying and frustration was a bunch of crap, all for not!”  And We Always kick ourselves every time right…——;-)

Being busy is overrated; doing too much is overrated, especially these days, and with all the newest gadgets floating about!  Wow, did you see the latest Iphone, Ipod, Ipad???  How about we just think, I don’t give a shit once in a while and kick our feet back?  I’d F bomb it, but I’m ahead, so I’ll say add to that once in a while, screw technology, or computers for a bit, who gives a bloody shite!  Just act a fool once in a blue moon, but be sure she’s not looking or whomever!  Kind of like getting your hand caught in the cookie jar?   A little too cocky and we don’t want that, but yet again who gives a shit so long it’s not all the time???

Next time I lose or misplace something, be it my credentials, passport, this or that, I’m certain I’ll throw all this out the window!  However to plant the idea, the seed is the crucial part…  Next time you lose something let it find you; by all means it may be crucial to locate, but it won’t be found under stressors or such?  Hence the term we so often hear: “Dumb Luck!”  You weren’t looking for it and it not for you…  Still it was pinned down and caught in the act trying to hide from you, when on a whims notice, hell no notice, you say: “you dumb son of a bitch I’ve got ya’s.”  Until the next “stumble” I suppose?

Talking isn’t just verbal, and listening isn’t just the simple act of acting the part!  Live life like you mean it I would say, would think…  Do the things you care about, that make a difference!  Not just to benefit you, but those you love or care about. 

In life’s end it is all about what legacy we choose to leave behind, why the hell else are we here?  For fun, just for the hell of it right?  God I hope not, or I’m screwed, like many of us I’m sure???

Slow the reel, be wise, pay attention, listen and shut up and mean it; be real and relax knowing you’re lucky to have all you do…  If you can’t do that, just feel lucky to just be alive!


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