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This category, I hope you will all enjoy and take note that some areas go a bit deep, meaning in end I never want to offend a soul (being human)… I feel we are all this way, something inside us innate or unborn, deeper to that higher self, which perhaps knew another world before this one… “It’s Being Human: encompasses, many aspects, especially our humanity, how we treat one another, religion is all about how we treat the next jack or jill? Appreciate you all and hope all best for you guys always, especially those who suffer, as I with this life taking and threatening disease I have? It’s funny the simplest things become so important all of a sudden? Common sense a lot of it I suppose, things we already know, but reminders at times can’t hurt huh, to always keep us rowing that boat the best we can in life, to fight on, and to get knocked down and back up always giving your finest effort(s)! Blessings Friends, and Vast Peace,

R. or NobilityNotraEin


“Without help who are we, who do we become”

At any Cost

Peace Friends, enjoy Weekend…


“New free verse poetry, I appreciate all who support me… I owe a lot to my great friends all! Please read, and all are welcome to explore my writing site (maybe not best, just valiant), which I write for others, for all that is good man” Much Gratefulness Friends, – Rich A. N.N.

To Be Heard

Hear it Well, Wise… To be Missed, How I once was! Peace, R.A.N.N.

Over Due Thanks, Gratitude…

It’s been itching at me!  What you ponder a bit no doubt??? Well, the title explains a tad on my subject…  However, I have wanted to thank all the hospital workers not long ago. I was hauled off, with police, firetruck, and a friggin’ ambulence.  I was briefly aware of things when the first responding

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“Ever have one of those moments? One…—One where everything you do is off? Frustration sets in like ink blotted on a fresh canvas…” —–“Hey dumb ass, look in your pocket, or where you usually keep them?”

“Beyond Manifesting, Beyond Comprehension”

“Beyond Manifesting, Beyond Comprehension”.

“Beyond Manifesting, Beyond Comprehension”

“The Tension in Here is so Thick, I could Cut it With a Knife,” it is suffocation, detrimental despondency; completely the banes in life. Would it not be lovely, inspiring, or even freedom for one, “hell; all of us” to not ever need deal with this shit at all? The garbage, fights on occasion, even disagreements across the board, throughout life’s facets just gone; need we ever deal with trash again and again…



“Don’t” Look Back… LOOK.;-)


Once Outside Myself

Every new beginning comes from some other begi...
Image by legends2k via Flickr

It once occurred to myself;

Enter only to exit…

Recall the exit!

A mirror of one’s entrance?

Don’t stare too long!

Privy enough to Account…

See inside the spirit,

Many others,

Seeing they as yourself;

Wanting true Altruism for all…

Important to see yourself in this picture.

Hero’s exist to form future…

Noble’s are formed of they!

See thyself as direction…

Altering life…———

All living for God‘s…

Meditation higher purpose self;

Buddha to smiles…

~R. A. Noble

A Tribute! Ardor, Never Quit…

M. Barrera


SUBMISSIONS. A great site: Jiveny Great Material…;-) 😉 Namaste

Circadian Awakening a Quote

“Wake Not”

Smear Attempt!

always remain true to ourselves, craft, great natures be they vast, many and always to be counted……………————-Constructive or even deconstructive and at times not knowing the words or proclamations they profess! Strength still resides and strives to improve infinitely true, without waiver, discouragement or stoic, yet brave revere always!

Vast Darkness

“So to is the way we choose to look at others, the impact, whether positive or negative of which we have on others and especially, even those we may first view as strangers in our passing’s by and no doubt, friends, but of course loved ones always, always friends!”

A Dedication to the Vast Views! I am Blessed by All…

-It’s all good and appreciated 24-7, 365!!!:-)

-R.A.N. “I never can, nor would I ever soley write for I, it just isn’t writing, to not be heard, gratefully understood when you are, comments, enduring compliments appreciated always, I only hope I can write for even one?

Egypt’s Epiphany and Worthy Souls

Is it just me or does, Egypt seem to be lowering an iron veil over it’s people?  As the protests rage on if even internet is stolen?  Over the stoic “Country’s” communistic iron weights serving only to weigh it’s people down like barbed wire wrapped around bodies, of needless suffering???  Far too long this Pharo

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Content Worthy of Traffic!?!?

Content Desperate Searched Seeked Discovered Purpose What Serve Anything Deserving Trash Thrashing About Moves Content Unworthy Garbage Eaten Swallowed Whole All Owe Credence Any Visit Why What Continue Despondence Poor Desperate Monetary Waste Piled High Filled Trash Trash Trash Visited Tried True Say Who Whom

Service is a Vague Translation… Minds Make Us Complete! ;-)

One quote I’ve said in past, long back is: “Regardless of the Mask you Choose to Hide Behind Good is no less, yet Evil is no less than Bane” (lucky we are, most all of humanity has that innate and monumental soul inside to utilize in life)…

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