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Lost Equation

“Sometimes some think they know, who you are! However they never spent time with you; hell, they never looked you eye to eye!!!”

The Liebster Blog Award

The Liebster Blog Award.

Better You

Any support appreciated I’m near death, God knows? Towards my site I profit not on… I love to write and to touch one, in my book means all… Not piece, hit link. Bliss Friends, R.A.N.N.

PS. I count all as friends, please support, I’m beyond words of appreciation.


“Trapped I’ve robbed from myself life given me” ~Rich A Noble Norris

Must we allow credence within any of us, to go unnanounced? Don’t assume one if any told you what the hell to do to better youselve’s? They always had it in them, for the downfall of you as grave insujtice. Jelousy, must they hide away as in a box? Just because they find you a

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oft times shit… Life can and at times will show its fangs! Yet it’s times as such, it always seems?

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